Thing you need to know when Visiting Regina Rica in Tanay

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Regina Rica is located at Sampaloc Tanay and is now part of the tourist spot in Rizal.

For my first trip this January 2018, I decided to travel east, and I wouldn’t miss dropping by at Regina Rica. Regina Rica is my second stop after my Pililla Wind Farm.

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January 2 is a Tuesday and be warned that Regina Rica is closed on Tuesday. There were a lot of devotees who travel from afar just to make this trip. Fortunately, the sisters allowed a 15 minutes visit for each of the group that were there, and I was included

Things I found out the hard way besides that it’s closed on Tuesday
No motorcycle or tricycle can enter, and walking is not allowed.
This policy has been implemented ever since according to the guard that was assigned to the gate.
Since I was excited to enter, I ask one of the van going up if I just could hitch a ride with them. They are accommodating, and my request was granted (blesses again)

I had my chance and I was blessed that I was able to visit Regina Rica

So, remember guys, you can commute going to Tanay but since walking is not allowed (some of the guest wander in the areas, that’s why they become strict), you must have your car or join a group that tour Tanay to be able to visit Mother Regina Rosarii

Wear Proper clothes, this is a sacred place and not just a tourist spot.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to visit the Shrine of Regina Rosarii

How to commute to Regina Rica

Take time to unwind and regain our energy by faith



Lariza Garcia

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2 thoughts on “Thing you need to know when Visiting Regina Rica in Tanay

  1. Wow thank you for sharing this miss Lariza! Taga- Montalban Rizal po ako pero di ko alam na may tourist spot dyan sa tanay rizal siguro dahil palagi lang ako nasa bahay. I’m gonna added this in my bucket list this coming holy week vacation ☺️

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