Why Taste the Shakey’s All-New Scallop Primo

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It was about fun, food and games on a Friday night as I attended the launch of the Shakey’s All-New Scallop Primo Pizza. When it comes to seafood, scallop is one of my choices especially if it was bakes. Just imagine the amazing taste that goes with it. The first time I tried scallop was when I was in Cebu and since that time, I was always looking for a reason to taste it again here in Manila

Lucky for me that I was one of the attendee to get an unlimited slice of Shakey’s All-New Scallop Primo pizza.

Shakey’s All-New Scallop Primo pizza.

This summer, I will be able to take enjoy the goodness of the sea, wherever I am and whenever I want it. Shakey’s All-New Scallop Primo is made with the exciting combination of fresh scallops and tasty kani. This latest seafood pizza craze perfectly captures the taste of summer with its combination of succulent scallops, thinly shredded crab sticks, aged cheddar cheese, fresh herbs of basil and parsley, and dash of chili flakes.


“We just can’t wait for everyone to try our very special, limited edition Scallop Primo.” says Ghena Austero, Shakey’s Marketing Manager.


“Scallops have never been included in any pizza variant before because it’s very premium. But with the new Scallop Primo, they can already experience and enjoy the goodness of this refreshing seafood flavor in an affordable price,” Austero added.




Austero notes that “If there are two things Filipinos love to eat, its seafood and pizza. But we wanted to give our customers something new to get excited about and look forward to this summer, so we decided to combine these two with the surprising twist of choosing scallops as the main ingredient.


“The result is one refreshing and unforgettable flavor everyone will surely enjoy,” Austero added.


The Scallop Primo is a welcome surprise treat not just for seafood lovers, and for everyone who’s on the lookout for a new food experience this summer season.


Don’t be left behind. So grab your families and friends to the nearest Shakey’s branch because this must-try summer delight is available from March 1 to May 31 only.


Price starts at Php 294 for a regular thin crust and Php 344 for hand tossed. The Scallop Primo pizza is also available in Great Meal Deals and can be ordered through Dine in, Carry Out and Delivery in all Shakey’s restaurants nationwide.


For more information, go to https://www.shakeyspizza.ph/


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