Why Scarlet Snow Belo is the New Jollibee JolliKids Ambassador

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Jollibee officially introduced Scarlet Snow Belo as it newest Jollibee Jollikids Ambassador today, Mar 2, 2019 at Jollibee Annapolis Roosevelt Branch

Why did Jollibee choice Scarlet Snow Belo?

 JolliKid is a source of joy for everyone, especially for the family, and for millions of Filipinos, there’s one sweetheart who has captured hearts through her adorable behavior, wit and playfulness -Scarlet Snow Belo.

Now, Scarlet Snow shares the joy to many more as Jollibee’s newest JolliKids Ambassador. With her fun-loving and imaginative personality, she perfectly represents the traits and values of a true JolliKid.

“There’s really no better example of a JolliKid than Scarlet Snow. She’s kind, smart, and a real bundle of joy, making her the perfect fit for Jollibee. We’re very excited to welcome her to the family and we hope that she enjoys growing up with us as a JolliKid,” shared Charisse Sumulong, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager and Head for Channels and Kids Marketing.

 Hayden Kho quote: 

When asked about Scarlet’s new role as JolliKids Ambassador, Hayden Kho said, “Nearly every Filipino kid has grown up with Jollibee. Now, Scarlet is also experiencing that same fun and engaging childhood too and what better way to spend it with than Jollibee. This is a brand that has always brought joy to children and a place where families can enjoy great memories at and for Scarlet to become a JolliKids Ambassador is really a perfect match.”

As a JolliKids Ambassador, Scarlet Snow encourages her fellow youngsters to experience countless jolly moments with Jollibee, whether it’s through celebrating their special birthdays through a fun-filled Jollibee Kids Party, learning and making new friends at the Jollibee Kids Club, or enjoying the yummy meals and collectible toys that come with every Jolly Kiddie Meal.


What happened during the event…?


The grand coronation at Jollibee Fairytale Land  

As a double celebration of sorts, the country’s well-loved fast-food chain threw a grand and royal party at Jollibee Ortigas Roosevelt for Scarlet Snow’s birthday and to officially introduce her as the brand’s JolliKids Ambassador to members of the media.  

At the launch, cute little princes and princesses, and other guests were transported into the magical kingdom of Jollibee Fairytale Land through an interactive storytelling session and games. Here, they also joined Jollibee and Friends in a quest through the Fairytale Land for the new JolliKid Princess. 

By the end of their mystical adventure, Scarlet Snow was revealed as the newest princess of Jollibee Fairytale Land. She was warmly welcomed by the kingdom’s royal guests who celebrated her grand coronation as the new JolliKids Ambassador.  

Along with the fairy tale-themed games, the young royals were encouraged to let their imagination run free with different creativity-boosting activities such as canvas painting, face painting, slime making, and posing for the photo booth which transports them to their very own throne room.  

And of course, no celebration is complete without a feast! Kids and kids at heart all enjoyed a hearty serving of their favorite Jollibee meals. The celebration then concluded with an adorable dance performance of Jollibee and Friends and a grand cake-blowing ceremony as guests sang ‘happy birthday’ in chorus to princess Scarlet Snow.  

Truly, these are exciting times ahead with Jollibee and Scarlet Snow! So, watch out for what’s in store for all the kids this year with Jollibee’s new JolliKids Ambassador. 

I was prepared to the see the cuteness of Scarlet Snow Belo but was not prepared that this little princess could pray effortlessly in Tagalog


Congratulation Jollibee, you surely made a right choice in choosing Scarlet Snow Belo.

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