Why Purchase Metro Sunnies during the 8.8 Shopee Sale : Get up to 88% off and More

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The Philippines is a tropical country that only has two seasons, dry season and rainy season, we experience the glaring heat and skin flaying sunrays. The intense rays beating down on our skin and blinding our eyes from the intense glares, as such most people always keep a bottle of sunscreen handy and a pair of sunglasses to battle against the sun.

However, sunglasses are very inconvenient to bring around as wearing sunglasses indoors are frowned upon, that would mean that you’d have to be constantly keeping it and putting on every time you head out. The modern times have also seen a need for protection against blue light produced by the screens of our phones, tv’s, and computer screens. Blue light has a very dangerous effect on our eyes as it can penetrate deeply into our retinas and affect our light-sensitive cells causing our eyesight to degrade and become poor.

During this pandemic the hours we put in front of our gadgets has definitely gone up, whether for entertainment’s sake, watching shows and movies or playing video games to pass time, or for doing work from home arrangements, as such the sunglasses you have lying around become useless as they are ineffective against the harmful blue light emitted by our screens.

MetroSunnies is a brand of eyewear that has found a solution to tackling these problems through the usage of “Photochromic” lenses, or lenses that are able to change their properties with the correct activation, which would be the presence of UV rays. MetroSunnies has developed their very own eyewear that can protect your eyes from both Blue Light emissions as well as the UV rays produced by the sun.

Buying a pair of these Photochromic eyeglasses can get rid of the past inconvenience of carrying around sunglasses as the eyewear they offer stands both as protection both indoors and outdoors.

MetroSunnies offer stylish and fashionable pieces that would surely satisfy the inner fashionista in you, with designs like the MetroSunnies Gianni that has a more circular frame or the MetroSunnies Art which are squarish. MetroSunnies has different styles of frames that will suit the shape of your face as well as your style from sophisticated to classic they have everything you’re looking for.

MetroSunnies has an open shop on Shopee, you can find them using this link on your browsers or you can also find them on the Shopee App that you can download from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

The photochromic series of MetroSunnies won’t only protect you from the hours of time you spend in front of a screen but prepare you for the first breath of fresh air and first step you’ll take outside of your house once everything is much safer, from inside to outside you’ll have no need to take your eyepiece off in the name of etiquette.

Another good reason to grab your own pair of glasses from MetroSunnies is their expected participation in the Shopee 8.8 Fashion sale that will last until August 9. Go grab your own pair during this sale and take advantage of the free delivery with Php 0.00 minimum spend, happy shopping.

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