Why do People like to take selfies?

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Every now and then, I saw friend’s colleagues and member of the family posting their selfie photos or groupie shots in my timeline. Facebook, Instagram and other social media has been the outlet of so many when It comes to posting their photos.

But why do post selfie photos.

Honestly, I really don’t like doing selfies before. There are so many reasons why and maybe its because I am older or not prettier but that was a thing in the past

Why do I love taking selfies or groupies;

So many reason could be attribute to this behavior of mine like

I want to capture the moment

As mom of talented kids, I want to learn the art of selfie or groupie so that I could take store those memories that I spent with my kids.

I want to connect

Social media has been our way to connect to the world

I want to share what we are doing or where we are

I love Taking selfie during my travel and share it to my friends, as real time as possible

It makes me happy

Selfies need not be a pretty face at all, you could see people doing it my other apps that would make them look like


Selfie is a new trend and you need a perfect partner for that, and for me you can rely on Asus Zenfone Selfie 4

Let’s not talk about the technical side; like that’s it has


13-inch camera

5.5-inch IPS display

400nits brightness

Front 2.5D curved glass display

1.65mm slim bezel

Blue light filter for eye care

 Let’s talk about more personal stuff like

It’s light

Yes, weight counts a lot also. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag and additional weight would be mean to my back. Carrying a Asus Zenfone Selfie 4 is like carrying nothing at all

The camera

Yes, I love to take selfies with friends and the more the merrier. When I discovered that Asus Zenfone selfie 4 has a wide angle; then there nothing we should talk about.

Photos are not just about me, but for the whole people around me. I am happy to share that I am now the official groupie photographer ever since they found out that I have an Asus Zenfone Selfie 4

The dimension

Do you know that I have small hands, and do you understand that it’s hard to take selfie when you can reach the button and must rely on timer all the time?

 For those people who think that mobile phones are about its technical specs then think again; other people are just concern that they have a mobile phone that they use to call and text, use for social media posting and take a lot of photos, a good selfie/groupie photo


 So, this holiday, make sure to get your money’s worth and get yourself an Asus Zenfone Selfie 4

Ps. I am not a fan of Asus, I just have a Zenfone Max 2, a Zenfone 4, A Zenfone Deluxe 3 Edition and I recently bought my daughter a Zenfone Max 4




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