Which is Witch?Get to know the types of creatures in A Discovery of Witches

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Discovery of Witches is an exciting new television series based on a novel of thesame name which is part of Deborah Harkness’s romantic historical fantasy AllSoul’s Trilogy. It follows the story of Diana Bishop, an Oxford professor and a gifted ifreluctant witch who found an enchanted manuscript in the library.

Upon breakingopen the seal of the book, she was thrust headlong into the magical world that shehad worked carefully not to be a part of. She is assisted by a charming andhandsome (of course) vampire Matthew Clairmont, who also happens to be ageneticist, as she sets out to unlock the book’s secrets. But what is a romantic historical fantasy without the romance? Of course, Diana andMatthew fall in love along the way, and that itself has some repercussions in themagical community.

Witches and vampires should not be equally yoked with eachother, or else there will be trouble!

In the world of A Discovery of Witches, there are three kinds of creatures: witches,vampires, and daemons, and their interactions are governed by a ruling counseling called the Congregation, also known as the source of most of the major conflicts inthe series. A Discovery of Witches was recently released exclusively on video-streaming service FOX+, so as we are drawn into this particular magical world, let usget to know the creatures that exist in it:


Witches in A Discovery of Witches do not deviate from the accepted lore inother literature. They are not exclusively women (although the men are referred to as wizards). They have power, some more than others. They can fly, heal, control theweather, read minds, predict the future, and even travel through time. Vampires. The vampires in this series are preternaturally handsome, though someare more charming than others. Unlike the accepted vampire canon, these vampires don’t have fangs, can walk outside during the day, even eat some human food and drink wine. They even have heartbeats (albeit very slow)! They can live for a very long time, but their appearance remains from the day they were turned. Vampires mostly gravitate towards science-related professions.


Daemons, while low in the hierarchy of creatures, are fascinating beings.They appear like humans and even live as long as humans, but there’s somethingpeculiar about them. They are weird, but they can be brilliant, creative, and insightful.They march to the beat of their own drum. It must be noted, although this information came from the novel, that only one out of10 people in the population could be a creature. They stick to their own kind and theydon’t really think much of the other kind. How this will all play out in A Discovery ofWitches will be an interesting ride. New episodes of A Discovery of Witches are exclusively available on FOX+ everySaturday at 7.30am. New users can now download FOX+ from the App Store and Google Play store for a free 30-Day trial.


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