Where to Eat in Las Pinas: Sigsaga Korean BBQ Buffet

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Are you from Las Pinas or nearby area? If you are then, you are lucky because you have a restaurant that serves unlimited yakiniku buffet.

Sigsaga Buffet recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary and I decided to join the celebration

Sigsaga has two branches located inside BF Resort in Casimiro Las Pinas.

I came from Pasig and it took me 2 hours to get there but I am happy that I decided to push with my visit to taste the unlimited yakiniku beef and pork buffet

The regular price for the buffet is 299.00. It includes the yakiniku buffet, unlimited drinks plus other Korean food.

Saisaga Yakiniku Buffet serves the same beef quality as of those high end Korean BBQ restaurant. The beef is top Australian quality, so you don’t need to worry about what they use.

They personally slice the beef and pork and rely on bulk purchases for a lower overhead cost which mean they could provide affordable price for their customers.

The staff are friendly, not mention that the owners are hand on to the business and supervise the daily activities of the restaurant.

The place could accommodate up to 65 persons, it’s a good place for the family and friends to spend their get together

Saisaga is ppen daily with 2 branches to serve you
Main Branch – Lalaine Bennett St. BF Resort Village near clubhouse
Contact numbers : (02) 218-9589
Mobile number : Globe – 0956-510-1728

Branch 1 – One Princeway Bldg. BF Resort Dr. BF Resort Village across Metrobank
Contact number : (02) 218-9586
Mobile number : Globe – 0956-510-1727


So there you have it, for unlimited Korean BBQ, you know where to go.


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Lariza Garcia

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