What’s the Latest News with Shakey’s: Edu Manzano and the 2018 Meal Deal

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Well, it’s seem that we are going to visit Shakey’s again in a couple of days. It’s my son’s birthday and we Shakey’s has been part of the family’s celebration in years. We’re always on the lookout for new promos and deal at Shakey’s and we are a Supercard holder as well.

Today, Shakey’s surprise us with another great news.

New Ambassador

We all know that Lucky Manzano is part of the Shakey’s family and now because Shakey’s really value family; his father Edu Manzano is joining him as well
Yes, Mr. Edu Manzano is the newest member of the Shakey’s family. The father and son tandem has been known for their playful nature and are mostly followed on social media for their hilarious videos and post. Just watch the new TVC and you will understand what I am talking about.
Imagine Edu dressed up in polka dots from head to toe; it’s hilarious

The 2018 Meal Deal
Shakey’s also launch the 2018 Meal Deal. You will get two large Thin Crust pizzas, two platters of pasta, ten pieces of Chicken ‘n’ Mojos, ten pieces Mozzarella sticks, a platter of salad, and two pitchers of iced tea. And this year, there’s the new addition to their pasta choices – Bacon & Cheese Fusilli Pasta, a delicious creamy blend of parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar, plus crispy bacon bits baked with fusilli pasta! On top of all the fun, you also get a free SuperCard! Experience the full #Lucky2018 by Shakey’s with this sweet deal only for P2,018.


It’s a #Lucky2018 with Edu, Luis, and the new Shakey’s meal deal

Now you know how to achieve a #Lucky2018! Spend time with your loved ones, and make it more special by availing Shakey’s 2018 Meal Deal. You will never go wrong.

To learn more about the 2018 Meal Deal, visit their website www.shakeyspizza.ph, their official Facebook page www.facebook.com/ShakeysPH/ and Instagram page www.instagram.com/shakeysph.


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4 thoughts on “What’s the Latest News with Shakey’s: Edu Manzano and the 2018 Meal Deal

  1. With Lucky’s charm and humor no wonder it will attract more customer. I love love shakeys. Aside from their pizzas were really good, I honestly think that it’s worth it. Super gamit na gamit na nga yung supercard ko eh hahahaha

  2. Food nanaman nakita ko huhuhu nakakagutom po mga food na binablog nyo Mam Lariza. Paborito ko rin tong shakey’s pizza worth the cents. Plus dami pa promo lalo na pag may shakey’s super card ka.

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