What to Remember when visiting Vietnam

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For the year 2017, my out of the country includes, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

For now, let’s talk about Vietnam

Here are the things that you need to remember

Where to Stay

It’s better to book a hostel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

We booked at La Hostel Saigon for  just P 453.00 per night/per head. The staff are accommodating and it near Ben Thanh Market and other tourist spot. Check them in Agoda. The place is not that fancy but it gives you a good bed and hot shower which you need after a long day going around the vicinity. The gate closes at 9 pm but you will be given a key if that you can use when you arrived late at night.

Medyo nahirapan kami hanapin sya kasi looban ng konti pero sobrang lapit nya sa mga tourist spot sa District 1

Common Area . We left our things here after we check out for no additional cost while we still roam around the city for last minute shopping before going to the airport.  The staff are really nice


Shared Bathroom . Shared room na lang kasi ang available
Sa roofdeck kami , sa 4th floor, okey din naman kasi may konting space for smoking si brother ko

District 1 houses the tourist spot like

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh market is a must go in District 1 since this is where we change our dollars or pesos to Vietnam currency. There’s only one money changer inside Ben Thanh Market

It’s best to shop at night where you can haggle more with the sellers

The good point about this money changer is that; they have the same exchange rate whether you have 10$ or 50$.

Unlike other money changer that base the exchange rate on your currency( lower If you change a 10$).

Ben Thanh Market also host the night market.

What ever you purchase, make sure to slash the price into half. The prices for all kinds of goods here are not cheap.

Remember when you eat

Don’t use the wet wipes on your table and don’t eat other food that’s they would place on your table.

My brother and I ordered Pho for lunch. Upon arriving of the Pho, they also include bread and wet wipes, Vietnam tea and the condiments for the Pho.

We thought that the bread is included as appetizer, but we are wrong.

It’s ok to pay for what we eat if we ordered it, but in this case; it’s a simple type of scam

We paid for the bread and for the wet wipes as well. There is also restaurant that will charge you for the tea

It’s better that you have a large bottle of water of soda where ever you go for restaurant charge higher compared to the cost when you purchase it on a convenience store.

 Looking for Wifi connection

Circle K

Yes, always look for a Circle K store if you need WIFI connection, they only have one password to all the branches in Ho Chi Minh City


Free Saigon Day /Night Tours

 Saigon, receives thousands of tourists around the country and from all over the world. Therefore, there are quite a few tours for different services and prices in Ho Chi Minh City available for travelers to choose. With Saigon Free Day Tours, you can explore the whole city without charging any fee to the guide.

Just like we did, we only paid for the scooters gas which is around 70,000 VND. One guide; one scooter; one tourist. They booked for Saigon street food which happens at night; the tour starts at 6 pm

We got as far as District 5 with the Saigon Street Food.

Vietnamese Pancake, good for two we did not use the wet wipes this time kaya di kami na charge

You can do your own Saigon City Tour but it’s best that you also book for it because the tour guide can explain to you some of the details that you need

We visited the People’s Committee Building, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica and Saigon Central Post Office, which are beautiful examples of architecture from the French colonial period.


After these, you need to choose between

Reunification Palace: It is used to be the house and workplace of the President of South Vietnam, also the site of the end of the Vietnam War.

War Remnants Museum: It primarily contains exhibits relating to the Vietnam War.


We choose War Remnants Museum since it’s more interesting, the tour ends at around 12:00 PM.

Our Tour Guide for the Saigon City Tour they assigned different tour guides per tour since they are just volunteers for the program

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes since there’s a lot of walking that would happen. 


For walk tours, they don’t charge but then again you can give them tips after the tour. A tour with Saigon Free Tours runs for 4 hours or less depending on how fast you walk or eat

They offer several packages, better to book a week in advance so that they can assign a tour guide for you. The tour guide are students for a university nearby and who has a vast knowledge of their culture and history. It’s like hiring a professional tour guide but with lesser fee or nothing at all.

 Saigon Free Day Tours always makes an earnest effort to perfect itself to bring the greatest services to tourists. For more information about Saigon Free Day Tours, you can visit the website https://saigonfreedaytours.com/. 

Don’t afraid to ask but you will become familiar once you visited all the tourist spot in District 1 since they are near to one another.

We hire motorcycle, they charge around 100,0000 VND but we got it at 30,000 VND only. Know how to haggle

You can also use the Motorcycle going to the airport if you don’t have so much bag with you. Leave early because of the traffic when you book a grab car

We paid 100,000 VND each for motorcycle from the hostel to the airport\

So that’s it

There are a lot of shopping areas nearby so better bring some cash




Lariza Garcia


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