What an Hour with Mama can do to Our Children

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Do you come across that story about a boy asking his father for some money and the dad got angry because he thought that the boy would just use it to buy something unimportant. The father realized later that he got angry for no reason and ask his son; what the money is for?

The son just want to spend time with dad that he would give his dad money equivalent to one day salary so that the dad could spend some time with him. This is what I remember when Andoks launch the #HourMama campaign.

#HourMama, Andok’s campaign seeks to encourage people to dedicate at least an hour for some uninterrupted bonding time with their mother. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Andoks invited mommy bloggers with their children to an hour of wa-fi activity.

Last May 12, 2019; I had a hard time getting my child to accompany me to an event in Makati for the reason that they he just woke up late due to gaming activities and other digital stuff he did the night before.

But since its Mother’s day, he seems to have no option but to come with me. My son is actually 19 yrs. old already and I could say he has his own world already, the digital space.

I could say this digital thing is what becoming the wall to us. I too have my short coming since he also complain that he could talk to me when I’m on the phone.

Guilty as charge…..


During the event, an activity was held; wherein we spent an hour without using our mobile phone.

Guess what, with that one hour, there are lot of things that I learn about my son and understand him on some aspect.

With Andok’s #HourMama campaign, there are so many positive things that happen and I too encourage others to do this on a regular basis.

What can an Hour with Mama do to Our Children?

  • With that one hour, our children can get the undivided attention that they need.
  • We could understand our children better
  • We could motivate them to be imaginative and creative
  • We could spend an hour of physical play and not just digital playing.


With so much things to do and so much things to accomplished personally, I came to a point that I sleep in front of my laptop.

With Andoks #HourMama campaign, I discover a lot of realization and I hope that I could continue this in a regular basis. I thought I know my children well because they are my children but I realize that as they grow, the things I know about them become lesser. 

We mothers wants to give all to our children that we do work hard for it and spending time with them becomes lesser. #HourMama is an eye opener to me, We work for our children’s future but let not our work be a barrier to spend time to our children.

Let’s use the technology to our advantage and not a wall to divide us.

I promise that I would now spend an hour with my son and hope to get to know him better


Given the chance, what would you like to do with the hour you spent with your child

Do share it …..


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