Welcome Home: Louie Sangalang

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What would you do to celebrate life after surviving cancer? 

For Louie Sangalang, a multi-sport athlete and the FWD Life Philippines representative, the answer to that is to go on a marathon, and not any ordinary marathon at that. Louie Sangalang added another reason to be proud of Filipinos worldwide by becoming the first Filipino Cancer Survivor to participate and finish in the FWD North Pole Marathon, the coolest marathon in the world.

As one of the many handpicked individuals of the FWD Insurance Company Louie went on the 42-kilometer path together with 61 other participants from 23 countries including the Philippines.

FWD Philippines President Peter Grimes exclaimed “We are very proud of Louie. His lifestyle and background as a multi-sport athlete made him the perfect choice to represent FWD Life Philippines in the North Pole Marathon”.

When asked about the marathon Louie said “Around 75% to 80% of the course was in snowy, uneven terrain which made it difficult to find firm footing. As a result, we had to walk on some parts of the race course.” And on the weather condition “We had great weather with clear skies and minimal wind. However, the extreme cold made the race challenging.”. Despite all these challenges Louie Sangalang faced, he trudged on and finished it. This showed his determination in getting through hardships, just like how he survived cancer. He clearly reflected the resilient spirit of Filipinos worldwide who would do anything for their loved ones, compatriots and their dreams. And on April 25 he had come home in triumph after all his ordeals.

Living life to the fullest, is what FWD Life wants to endorse to people as their motto, and they have shown their sincerity in their motto by giving their all to support Louie Sangalang in this endeavor. Fulfilling the wishes of every one of their customers are what they aim to do, as a service to the greater good of people.

Congratulations Louie Sangalang,

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