Victoria Court Newest Theme Room : SPACE WARS

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Victoria Court recently introduce their newest theme room

Welcome to Space Wars!

The newest and most innovative super thematic suite presented by Victoria Court. SPACE WARS is a sci-fi inspired, hi-tech party suite, completely designed from the ground up to feature a stunning spacecraft interior, a custom designed Infinity floor to relive epic laser sword battles and for taking amazing photos and videos. It houses a fully hydraulic spaceship cockpit with light switches, pilot flight controllers and sound effects so guests can experience space battles, and indulge with their space fantasies. SPACE WARS suite boasts a similarly themed private garage that can be converted into a buffet and cocktail area for parties.

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Weapons and costumes are also available upon request for guests who really want to immerse themselves in the room. The room packs an amazing amount of innovation and superior hotel amenities in a spacious 100sqm floor area. The suite comes with a private garage, operable satellite dish, detailed 3D printed accessories, automatic blast doors, interactive spaceship cockpit, infinity floor, windows with a space view, bedroom with galaxy views, smoke effects, sci-fi sound effects, sci-fi special effects, big whirlpool, karaoke, two (2) LED TV, Mini Ref and four (4) air conditioners.

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Guests will also have a distinctive and delightful array of SPACE WARS inspired menu options creatively prepared by our renowned chefs such as the Dark Side Burger, Imperial Pasta, Trooper Onigiri , Space Wars Wrap, Pana Trooper and cocktails called Jar Jar Drinks that compliments the whole experience.


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For a truly out of this world experience, you may book the room by contacting us through 0917-VCSERVE (0917-8273783), email us at For more updates, like us on or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @VictoriaCourtVC.

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