Unplugged and Play: Best Socialization Activity for Kids

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It has a been a week but my boys wants to go back to SM Marikina, hoping they could enjoy once again the Unplugged and  Play event which happened last May 18,2019 at the front parking area.

My boys don’t normally go out of the house but playing with kids is the best socialization activity there is, that is why whenever there’s and opportunity for them to play outside; we don’t want to miss it out.

Unlike our time, and that was like more than 30 yrs. ago, that we have ample space where we can run around and play outside and have fun with other children up till nighttime because it was safe and there are other kids available to play with


Now a days, kids are busier playing with gadgets or watching YouTube and other digital stuff that they forget the fun of playing.

That is why, it’s great that SM City Marikina has event like this where kids can enjoy outdoor activity with their families and friends

Gab and Dhandrew had a great time that even tired, Kuya Ej could not make them leave the playground.

So, what can I say…?


I do hope that activities like this would be a regular thing at SM Supermalls because it could give our children a venue where they can experience fun and camaraderie with other kids.

Congratulations SM City Marikina for this wonderful event and I look forward for more in the future.

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