UNO Premier’s newest product; the 8in1 Premier Black Coffee and Prime Juice with Stevia Extracts.

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For someone like me who wants a higher quality of life, attaining a state of wellness must be obtained. I believe that wellness will help alleviate my stresses by improving my physical health

Why does it matter that I attained this wellness that I want, because I want to be productive, to have a happier live so that I may also improve my life and the life of my love ones. There is actually no formula on how to wellness can be achieved but I’m starting to shift my life style through exercise and nutrition

The food that we put in our bodies play a huge role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs the right food and without them, we are less energetic, and our immune system begin to dwindle. With healthy nutritious diet, we are able to stay on track to our path to wellness

A friend of mine invited me to attend an event that will launch UNO Premier’s newest product; the 8in1 Premier Black Coffee and Prime Juice with Stevia Extracts. This is their way to further promote wellness among the Filipino.

These two products have traced its origin from two of the most sought-after products in UNO’s list: the 1st Health 8in1 Coffee and 1st Health Prime Juice. The only difference now is that these products are already powered by Stevia Extracts.

prime-juice coffee

Stevia is a natural sweetener with proven health benefits. This has been a healthy alternative to refined sugar which is incredibly harmful to our health. Despite the fact that there are numerous low-calorie sweeteners in the market, most of these are artificial.

These products are especially designed not just to provide a premier experience of drinking coffee and juice, but a healthy one that health-conscious people will surely love.

A background about the company:

UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that derived its innovative business model from a very long history and foundation of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurial Vision. UNO Premier’s Mother Company, UNO, started its rising 9 years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing Industry like rapid fire. It became a network marketing sensation and has created over a thousand Philippine millionaires in less than a decade’s time and has expanded in over 100 offices across the country.

From the foundation of UNO comes the birth of UNO Premier. UNO Premier is specifically designed to engage the International Market and the like-minded middle class professionals as well as business owners in the micro, small and medium scale enterprises. These are the passionate individuals who are constantly exploring means and opportunities to increase their sources of income. By carefully putting together the essential building blocks of Products, Services, Marketing, Management and a powerhouse Compensation structure, UNO Premier is positioned to the top of the Elite and separates itself from the common traditional network marketing programs you see today. UNO Premier is poised as the next big International giant to create the next wave of millionaires.

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