Uberhop your way to Megaworld Lifestye Malls

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It was an amazing race and I was so happy to be part of the event.

I was talking about the recent launch of Uberhop where in Megaworld Lifestye Malls partners with Uber to bring convenience to commuters.

HOP in to your favorite shopping destination with the help of Uberhop just like what I did as I hop from Eastwood to Uptown BGC and finally to Venice Piazza. These are just few of the places you can use the Uberhop.

With Uberhop, you share the fare with other and you meet new friends along the way. You can also help lessen the number of cars on the road since there are fewer vehicles when you share the ride with other people who are going the same way as you do. Uberhop is safe, convenient, and an affordable transport option.

With the new pick-up and drop-off locations and for a flat fare of Php 50, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls are now more accessible with uberHOP.

Here are the Megaworld uberHOP routes:


6AM to 9AM

  • Mcdo Ortigas Ave Ext Pasig to BPI Orchard Rd Eastwood City
  • BPI Orchard Rd Eastwood City to Uptown Bonifacio 36th St
  • MRT Ayala to Metrobank Upper McKinley Road
  • LRT 2 Santolan to BPI Orchard Rd Eastwood


6PM to 9PM

  • BPI Orchard Rd Eastwood City to Mcdo Ortigas Ave Ext Pasig
  • BPI Orchard Rd, Eastwood City to LRT 2 Santolan
  • Uptown Place Tower 2 to 711 One Orchard Road, Eastwood City
  • Metrobank Upper Mckinley Road to MRT Ayala


To know more about uberHOP, please visit http://t.uber.com/hopMNL.





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24 thoughts on “Uberhop your way to Megaworld Lifestye Malls

  1. Wow, marami na ngayong destination ang UberHop. When I was still working in Makati, ang destination lang ng UberHop was in Makati to BGC and vice versa. That was a year ago pa. Now they’ve expanded their routes na which will be very beneficial to the commuters! Good job UbeHop and Megaworld!

  2. May Uberhop na pala sila. We use avail Uber’s service pag mamamasyal with the family. Good thing Uber launched this para bawas sasakyan, bawas traffic plus tipid sa fare.

  3. This is a great initiative. I’m all for less cars on the road and less traffic. I’m a sahm but I sure want my husband home early from work. Plus this is great for weekend pasyals. 🙂

  4. Great idea. I feel safe with Uber. It’s also cheaper when you get to share the ride. 🙂 I hope it can go city wide or region wide, bust still safe.

  5. Ride sharing is becoming popular here in the Philippines which is good because it lessens traffic and carbon footprint. We just need to be careful though.

  6. This is the first time I’m hearing about UberHop. I don’t really do a lot of commuting these days but this could really be useful if you plan on going to several places in one day.

  7. UBERHop is not applicable for our family for going around BGC bec there’s 5 of us, haha. We’d be paying more than the actual rate of a regular UBER ride. But we love UBER.

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