Top Reason Why I love Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus

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Planning what to cook would be one of my biggest problem in my home, considering that there’s only two of us now living in our home.  Once in a while, my other children would come and visit but they would rather dine out.  Whenever they stay, they would request sinigang for ulam or anything na may sabaw.

At dahil medyo we are trying to be healthy, fish is what we purchase when we go shopping. One of the brands that we patronize is the Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus. With the variety that they offer, di nagsasawa ang mga anak ko.  Lucky me, when I got  a package from Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus


Bakit nga ba Sarangani Bay Bangus ang lagging laman ng shopping cart namin.


Top Reason Why I love Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus

Health Wise

Fish are low in fat. A low fat diet in turn lowers cholesterol production in our bodies. You can safely eat a variety of seafood, which is what most people do naturally, without raising your cholesterol level. Even though some seafood are high in cholesterol, many of these are high in omega–3s, which combat it. Consider cutting down your fat in other foods so that you can benefit from the fattier fish and their omega–3 fatty acids.

See, low in cholesterol ang fish kahit pa may taba ang tyan nito which actually is favorite ng mga anak ko; napapadami ang kain nila pag sinigang na tyan ng bangus ang niluto ko.


Premium Quality


Did you heard about fish kill, eto ung namamatay ang fish kasi kulang na sa oxygin ang water dahil sa dami ng fish sa fond.

For Sarangani Bay Bangus, this will never happen kasi they have the appropriate location.

Sarangani Bay Bangus has 400 hectares of brackish water ponds. The fish grow under the most ideal conditions, enjoying adequate room for good fish growth and more than enough dissolved oxygen in the water. They ensure that paddle wheels aerate the water continuously to maintain healthy oxygen levels in all ponds. They also have a salt water intake inlet, where the pristine waters of Sarangani Bay are taken in to irrigate our bangus ponds. A virtual marine paradise!

Therefore, making milkfish safe for our consumption. 

Iwas Tinik 

If may isang bagay na ayaw natin sa fish, eto ay ang tinik; but with Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus, this is not a problem

Their deboners go through rigorous training before they are deployed in the processing plant, where their goal is to remove the bones while maintaining 80% of the original weight of the fish. Each deboner’s work then undergoes thorough scrutiny by Quality Assurance inspectors in the processing line. They make sure that each deboned Sarangani Bay bangus has indeed been handled and processed with care, and under the strictest quality and hygiene controls.

Expert na expert ang deboners nila, so no worries na talaga; makakain mo kahit nakapikit ka or like me, malabo ang mata


Variety of Recipe


Masarap ang fried fish with matching kamatis/sibuyas na sawsawan pero it does not stop there. Check out all the recipe that you can do with Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

As I have said, Sinigang na Tyan na Bangus ang favorite naming kaya nga lagi akong may stock ng


“Bangus bellies literally melting in your mouth with goodness. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, this most flavourful part of the bangus helps promote heart health.”


Pero syempre, di din papahuli ang pang fried ko like


“Only the very best of our milkfish harvest are expertly deboned to remove 97% of all fish bones. This unseasoned whole cut is ideal for traditional home- style recipes.”


“Premium boneless milkfish are marinated to perfection in the classic blend of fresh black pepper, garlic, salt and vinegar.”



The certified best-seller – perfectly smoked and salted, yet soft and juicy in texture. It’s cooked twice for maximum flavor impact – in a hygienically prepared brine solution then smoked under specially designed and carefully controlled smokehouse conditions. After proper thawing, just heat and serve!

And now that I have shared to you this list, please walang sisihan kasi mapapapalakas talaga ang kain nyo kapag Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus ang ulam nyo

Sabi ko nga, I don’t want to get Sarangani Bay Premium  Bangus kasi alam mapapalaban ako at ang aking mga anak page to ang ulam naming, but we can’t help it, masarap talaga eh plus premium quality kasi.

You can get your Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus in all supermarket nationwide


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