Tips for Aspiring OFW: In-demand Jobs and their Salary

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Hey guys, are you planning to apply for a job overseas.

Here are some of the important facts that you should know if you are planning to work abroad.

In-demand skilled roles

WorkAbroad overseas jobs also revealed skilled workers are still the most in- demand. In the Middle East, Filipinos can find numerous opportunities in general work, engineering-related and food/beverage/restaurant service sectors. In-demand general work roles include drivers, electricians, and AC, auto, refrigeration, plumbing, and maintenance technicians. In-demand engineering-related skilled roles include mechanics and electrical technicians. There are also opportunities for cooks, waiters/waitresses, and baristas.

In Asia-Pacific, jobs await skilled workers like carpenters, household service workers, and caretakers. Opportunities also abound in the engineering-related segment for technicians and technical operators and in the manufacturing/production operations segment for factory workers, production and machine operators, and welders.

While sea-based engineers are in-demand and well-compensated in the US, skilled workers are also needed, such as electricians, fitters, able seamen, cooks, waiters/waitresses, and stewards.

Across regions, from the Middle East to the US, in the professional segment, engineers are the most in-demand.

Tips for aspiring OFWs

Based on these findings, advises Filipinos considering a job overseas to be work-abroad ready, especially since there is a high probability of landing a job in the Middle 

East where most Filipinos are not familiar with the culture. Being work-abroad ready means familiarizing oneself with the country of deployment. More information can be gleaned from the PEOS Online modules that provide a guide for each key destination.

“Moreover, because majority of the demand abroad is for skilled workers, aspirants will benefit from taking skills-based courses from tech-voc institutions. Aspirants can also get ahead of competition by getting the necessary work experience in the Philippines before applying for jobs abroad. This is because overseas jobs usually require experience.”

Jobseekers are highly encouraged to seek out valuable information when considering prospective opportunities. Good information is available from government agencies, such as the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, and, of course,

For more information about the Overseas Salary Report, please visit is the Philippines’ leading overseas job site. It currently services over 800 POEA-accredited recruitment agencies and has over 4 million jobseekers in its database.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Aspiring OFW: In-demand Jobs and their Salary

  1. Wow! Thanks for this info madam.. It really a big help lalo na sa akin na parang gusto ko na din mag abroad.. hahah charoot.. yun kita kasi dito sa pinas parang kulang lalo na kung may pamilya ka na. pero, pag iisipan ko pa po ito ng maraming beses.. Good luck to me..

  2. I love this blog po. It is worth sharing. Very informative po to those people who is planning to work abroad. Thank you po Ms. Lariza I’m enjoying reading your blog

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