The Will to be Free from Tuberculosis During This Pandemic

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Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that causes a certain type of bacteria to attack your lungs. The attack on your lungs can cause you to experience severe coughing that can last for weeks, heavy or hard breathing, pain in the chests, fevers, and even cause you to lose your appetite and weight rapidly.


In my previous article I talked about the experiences that Analyn Biglain faced as she was repeatedly diagnosed with Tuberculosis, while in this Article I would like to share her story of the challenges she faced and are facing right now.


During her first diagnosis of Tuberculosis, she had an easier time seeking treatment with the help of the Barangay Health Clinic’s service and free medicine that they provided along with their check ups and consultations.


While the second time she contracted the bacterial disease again, she had the support of her spouse that allowed her to seamlessly recover as well within the six month plan of treatment. In both of her earlier cases she was able to get through her tough times with the assistance of the people around her.


Unfortunately for Analyn who had been diagnosed with Tuberculosis twice, she was afflicted with the bacterial disease a third time finding herself in a very unfavorable situation, on her third time with the disease many problems cropped up that are definitely giving her a harder time. She is now relying on her family, friends and the help of Local Government Units as well.


One such difficulty she’s facing is the fact that due to the number of times she’s been diagnosed with Tuberculosis her body has started becoming resistant to one of the Antibiotics in her drug regime, this is a problem since the usual 6 month recovery period lengthened to a 20 month time period. Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem caused by excessive intake of antibiotics causing our bodies to become immune to it, which made her case harder to cure.


Her second biggest problem right now is the pandemic, the pandemic caused her access to her medicine to be more strained, the Health clinic thankfully put up a system that has her receive a week’s worth of medicine at a time to reduce her trips to the clinic. Due to her illness too she was forced to stop working as she was unable to work properly having to take leaves of absences for weeks at a time.


She’s been facing joblessness since the start of the year and she’s among the millions of Filipinos who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, her Tuberculosis puts her at a higher risk of infection with the Covid-19 virus which prevents her from finding a job that can accommodate her current situation.


With so many problems she can only hold onto hope for the sake of her child and her loved ones to bring her strength.




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