The New Instant Pampa-RELAX : Efficascent Relaxing Oil

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Everyone know about this brand, everyone was familiar with its soothing effect and now it launches a new scent.

Efficascent Oil, formally introduces its latest offering- the Efficascent Relaxing Oil- as Filipino’s newest and natural partner for “instant pampa-Relax”


Photos during the launch
Efficascent Oil is a powerful combination of essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint that help calm the body’s stress nerves. Eucalyptus oil contains expectorant and stimulant properties that allows the head to be cleared of mental exhaustion, while it also increases focus and concentration.

While the other ingredient, Peppermint Oil, contains cooling effect, pain relieving and stimulating properties. It stimulates the mind to eradicate mental fatigue

Blending together these two calming ingredients in a powerful relaxing oil gives instant relaxation to the body. More than the physical benefit, Efficascent Relaxing Oil also cools down rabid emotions which allows the mind to get into its breathing space. Thus, making it a perfect partner for instant relaxation

The Efficascent Oil can be applied topically on the temples and on the wrists, or by inhaling it from the bottle. It is available in 3ml and 6ml pocket sized bottles with a roll-on applicator that slides easily on the skin. It has a spill proof packaging making it perfect for daily commuters and constant travelers

Efficascent Oil is available in leading drug stores and supermarket nationwide

Don’t leave home without it




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