The MILO Champ Camp and Barangay MILO Liga Program : New Milo Sports Program

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MILO has started to make a move early this summer as they launch a new program revolving around certain sports for barangays all around the country. MILO hopes that through its continuous effort and commitment to give the Filipino youths an opportunity through sports.

BUILDING A NATION OF CHAMPIONS. Vice President of Nestle Philippines Inc., Willy de Ocampo, proudly announces two new MILO Sports programs for schools and barangays nationwide: MILO Champ Camp and Barangay MILO Liga.
IGNITING STUDENTS’ INTEREST IN SPORTS. MILO Consumer Marketing Activations Executive, Kevin Mauricio shares MILO Philippines’ vision of getting more students nationwide into sports by providing an interactive glimpse into basketball, volleyball, and football through the MILO Champ Camp.
BRINGING SPORTS CLOSER TO BARANGAYS. The Barangay MILO Liga will modernize sports facilities in grassroots communities across the country and encourage residents to become more active through sports, said MILO Sports Executive Lester Castillo.
REINFORCING BRAND ADVOCACY. (From L-R) Luigi Pumaren, MILO Sports Executive; Robbie De Vera, Sports Marketing Manager; Willy de Ocampo, Vice President, Nestle Philippines; Usec. Atty. Tonisito Umali, Undersecretary for Legislative Liaison Office, External Partnerships Service and School Sports; Kevin Mauricio, Consumer Marketing Executive and; Lester Castillo, Sports Marketing Executive

Over the course of next two years, MILO aims to be closer to the Filipino masses. The MILO Champ Camp and Barangay MILO Liga will be added to the arsenal of sports programs that MILO hosts. These two programs will be offered to these communities that MILO has chosen for free and plan to engage with one million students and sixty thousand parents for the MILO Champ Camp and five hundred thousand residents of 300 barangays through the Barangay MILO liga. MILO also partnered with the Department of Education to look for young talented individuals to teach the basics of basketball, football and volleyball while also giving talks to parents to guide them on the importance of having a sport for their children. In hopes of finding more avenues of opportunities

MILO will carry out tours in different schools to hopefully light a spark of interest in the students. MILO not only aims to give the energy a champion need but help in making a champion’s mindset in children with unlimited potential. However, you as a parent needs to meet halfway with MILO and help spark the interest of sports in your children.

So, let your child experience how it is to be a champion and have them drink MILO every day.

Better visit your Barangays and find out if there’s a Milo Liga coming up and be updated about the pop-up Milo Champ Camp

Remarkable thing starts with small beginnings, so begin your child’s future today


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3 thoughts on “The MILO Champ Camp and Barangay MILO Liga Program : New Milo Sports Program

  1. Omg for kids, this would be so exciting!. Milo Liga, ako personally, I love to drink Milo and what I love most is their aims to bring kids and parents closer to “Barangays”. This would be an amazing event for sure. ❤

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