The Medical City Launched its Center for Behavioral Health

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Before I start this article, I wanted you to watch this video which I saw at Facebook.


The part that say depression is sadness, that depression is crying, being alone my attention but the most important part is the one that says depression is when we smile. It’s pretending to be happy when you are not, and you are alone in your grieve. Everyone thinks that you’re okay but you’re not.

We are not alone, there are a lot a people that suffers from the same situation. It’s not too late though for us to seek for help.

Mental health is important as physical health. The magnitude of the consequence of undetected and untreated mental illness has been evident in the number of suicide cases and it does not chose how old you are or how financially capable .
As a response to the increasing suicidal incidents that is happening, DOH improves and increased its mental health program includes Suicide Prevention Program. Government and Private institutions join forces to assist people suffering from mental disorder

The Medical City (TMC) Department of Psychiatry takes a more active role in addressing the growing mental health needs of the country with the establishment of the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH).

The CBH is the first in the country to offer services that cover the entire continuum of mental health care – from wellness to illness; from assessment to early recognition, to therapeutic intervention to home care; from care that necessitates one therapist to care that necessitates shared responsibility among several team members; from individual therapy to group therapy, and from promotive to preventive care. The CBH is headed by Dr. Mary Daryl Joyce Lindo-Calleja.

Aside from General and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry services, the CBH offers services to address addiction, and children and teens’ behavioral health challenges.

The CBH’s Addiction Psychiatry Services include an Outpatient Detoxification Program, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, and Relapse Prevention I and II. The outpatient detoxification program is designed for patients with a history of substance abuse who wish to undergo detoxification to get rid of the substance and its ill effects.

The Motivational Enhancement Therapy or MET is a five-session module designed for patients with a history of substance abuse who wish to live a life of sobriety, but are also undecided about abstaining and how to initiate change. There are two programs under Relapse Prevention, namely Group Therapy and Distress Tolerance and Emotion Regulation Skills Training.

The following services are being offered to address children and adolescents’ mental health concerns − Group Therapy for Teens, The Parenting Toolkit, and School Mental Health Consult. The Group Therapy for Teens is a group therapy module for adolescents with depression and anxiety designed to enhance self-esteem, utilizing arts-based activities and sharing of experiences to foster a sense of group cohesion and individual empowerment.

The Parenting Toolkit is a half-day workshop designed to teach parents effective skills to raise emotionally and behaviorally healthy children. It combines lectures, role playing, and case-based group discussions. Separate workshops are designed for pre-school and school-age children as well as adolescents.

The School Mental Health Consult is a consultation service designed to continuously provide school counselors and administrators expert assistance on how to address the myriad mental health challenges schools face today.

For more information , please call the Center for Behavioral Health at 9881000 ext. 6135 or 6282

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