The Facts About Casual Dating: Myth or True

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It was three years ago when I decided to resign on my corporate work and enjoy life to the fullest. I thought that I should explore, travel and meet other people, mingle and do stuffs that I never did before. I was always travelling every month and joining travel groups of young millennials who are what they called yolo( you only live once). Everyone was calling me mommy during the trip since I was the only one who’s age is nearing the golden years. I maybe a golden girl in terms of age but I still rocks which made our relationship closer.

We are more or less fourteen in our group and there are couple who are with us. Couples in terms of because they are partners during the trip. As we go and not make our trip boring, there are certain topics that we discussed which made them laugh. The topic was about casual dating and relationships. Hearing their thoughts enlighten me on how I should define casual dating.

Today’s generation is more focused on their career and other don’t want to settle down which made casual dating more convenient for them. There are dating sites which are popular to all kinds of gender and these helps them meet other people as well since they are so busy with their schedule and don’t have time to look for one. It starts with chatting, texting, call and eventually meeting the person.

The Facts about Casual Dating

While other are saying casual dating is bad others believe that this a good way of knowing your future partner. Being able to treat them casually has its advantage.

During dates, you don’t have to compel yourself to like the thing he said or do; after a cup of coffee and you don’t click, you can easily get out of the situation.

Doing casual dates , you can meet people and would eventually learn what you really are looking for in your future partner.

Casual dates don’t always end on bad dates,  if you liked the person  ( not in a romantic way) , you can gain a friend along the way which happens on some of the guys that I know.

Casual dates will not stress you out, you don’t need to invest emotions  which you don’t need if you are already stress with your work and other activities.

Casual dating can be schedule, yup; date when you can. You will not force to see the guys every day or every weekend. You have your own life and if you just want to watch a movie marathon while laying on your sofa bed, you can do so since you don’t have a commitment to the guy.

Casual dating is not all about sex dating, you will meet guys that just love to hang around and wanted someone to talk to or travel with, like those who joined us on our travel adventure.

Casual dating is also called adult dating because people who engage on this are matured people who know what they want and know the boundaries of the situation.

I say, don’t tag casual dating as a bad move, there are couples who does casual dating and eventually find their true love and partner in life .

You never know and understand casual dating until you fully understand what it represents and that’s being able to have a choice in life.




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