The brand you can rely on, Asus, from office laptops to gaming ones that you can find on Shopee

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New normal, something everyone has to become accustomed to, due to the global pandemic that swept through most countries. Staying at home to prevent the further spread of the virus is something everyone has to do. Staying at home however, hinders people from going to work, school, or other things people normally do on a day to day basis. As such it is important to secure a means of work, study, and play, computers that are able to cater to the needs demanded by the new normal scheme such as online classes and work from home arrangements.


Between high-end gaming laptops to affordable office laptops, Asus has proven to be a reliable brand that offers competitive and affordable cutting edge technology. Doing work from home, a trusty laptop worth Php 30,000 , the laptop is able to serve your needs with the accompanying windows platform that gives you access to it’s tools like microsoft office, microsoft excel, and microsoft powerpoint. All your needs for an excellent work at home experience can easily be satisfied by the laptops offered by Asus. The tools offered by the Asus laptops powered by Windows are what people around the world use and are most familiar with, this will ensure that you can continue with your work as if you never left the office.


If you’re more of a tech savvy person who is looking for more serious hardware that can accommodate applications that rely heavily on the processor or video cards like Adobe Photoshop and Video Editors that use up a lot of the computer’s processing power. The powerful high-end laptops can be quite costly with prices ranging from Php 50,000 to Php 100,000 , despite the high price the performance it brings you is undeniable. Taking a break and entertaining oneself is also important for the well-being of a person, now while these powerful laptops are able to run applications for working, it is also capable of running video games for all ages and genres, simple games like Plants vs Zombies or fast paced shooting games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Asus laptops not only gives someone the ability to work but also to play


There are many reasons for one to get a laptop nowadays, either to be used for work or leisure, Asus serves as a brand that can be trusted with your needs, for any of your needs investing on a good and reliable laptop putting Asus on the top of your buylist is a smart decision. This trusty brand can be found on Shopee using this link or you can download the Shopee app on your phone through Google Play, Apple App Store. Shopee in celebration of independence day will also hold special promos in partnership with multiple brands, Asus included, so hop on your phone and shop away with your partner in shopping, Shopee!


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