The Best Dates to Visit Thailand: Experience Amazing Thailand

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One of my bucket list when it comes to travel is to visit Thailand as part of my tri-city out of the country adventure. I did it last November 2017 and just when I thought that I had experience what Thailand can offer, I found out that there’s more to it than milk tea, temple and Golden Buddha.


Tourism Authority of Thailand recently invited selected print and online media at the recent PTTA Travel Tour Expo last week. Together with new Thailand Brand Ambassador and TV Host- Robi Domingo, attendees were given a preview of what’s in store when you visit Thailand.

If you plan to visit, Thailand this year and experience what the “Land of Smiles” can offer, here the best dates to visit Thailand and be part of their upcoming festivities.

Here are five must-experience festivals that will offer you a glimpse of the Southeast Asian kingdom’s long history and vibrant culture:

Pattaya International Music Festival (March 14-16, 2019)

When this international music festival starts swinging, pop, rock, hip-hop and R’n’B artists from Thailand and around the world perform for celebrating crowds at the stretch of the Pattaya beach road. If you’re headed to Thailand to party with friends from sundown to midnight, you might as well be in one of the world’s largest beach festivals.

Songkran Festival (ApriI13-15, 2019)

The Songkran Festival marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year, where people all over Thailand engage in the ultimate water fight. If you’re taking part in the Songkran Festival, you can expect to stay drenched for three days, so you better be armed with a bucket or a water pistol. Among the best places for Songkran celebrations are Bangkok’s Khao San Road, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya.
Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival (July)

This festival commemorates a Buddhist event called Asahna Bucha, when Buddha delivered his first sermon. Held at the beginning of the Buddhist lent called Khao Pansa, the festival puts the spotlight on the work of local artisans: elaborate candles, wax carvings and decorated floats. For art and history junkies, the Ubon Ratohathani Candle Festival is one that cannot be missed.

Loy Krathong (November 13, 2019)

Known as the Thai Festival of Lights, the Loy Krathong Festival is held during the first full moon of the traditional Thai Lunar calendars 12th month. At this festival, you can join the crowd in letting lotus-shaped, candlelit containers float down the river, and relish the visual spectacle that follows, and share an unforgettable memory with loved ones. One of the best places to celebrate Loy Krathong is Chiang Mai, where it coincides with the lantern festival called Yee Peng.

Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival (December 12-16, 2019)

An annual arts, music, and lifestyle festival that made its debut in 2014, Wonderfruit brings together the arts, eco-Iiving, and music at The Fields at Siam Country Club in Pattaya. During the four-day long festival, you can watch musical acts, visit art installations, attend wellness activities, and feast on local cuisine by renowned chefs. If you’re looking for a year-end trip worth remembering, this might be the festival for you to attend.

There you have it, the best date to visit Thailand.

While these festivals can be your top choices for a Thai getaway this year, there are still a lot of months and places to go to. Whether you’re on a solo trip, an adventure with friends or a family member, there’s a festival to provide the setting for you to experience Amazing Thailand.

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