The benefits of having a Carrier Smart+Cool System

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This is Lariza Garcia and today, I will share to you about the event that I attended last Feb 20 at the Maybank Theater in BGC.
The event is about the newest technology about air conditioning by Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Corporation.

carrier smart+cool system
carrier smart+cool system
carrier smart+cool system

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The Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) was founded in December 3, 1997. It is a joint venture between the two giants in the air-conditioning industry. We all know that Concepcion Industries is the industry leader in the Philippine air conditioning marker and the dominant name in appliances while Carrier Corporation is the world’s largest air conditioning company. CCAC has dominated the industry through its best-selling line of room air conditioners, package equipment, split type air-conditioner, and applied equipment. From households to commercial establishments nationwide, the Carrier and Condura brands have become the standard for comfort and convenience, which other brands have tried to emulate.

The event was to start around 6 pm but before that, a special presentation by Mr. Carlo Ople about his insight about the digital sphere and consumer trends experience.

With summer coming in, air conditioner is not luxury but a necessity to leave a comfortable life at home or even at the office.
With air-conditioner, the first thing that we are worried about it the amount that we need to pay when the electricity bill comes. There’s also the overhead expenses of the maintenance and cleaning. The problem of when to have it clean and so on and so forth.
With all of this, Concepcion Carrier Air-conditioning came up with a solution. CCAC recently unveiled the Carrier Smart+Cool System.

What is a Carrier Smart+Cool System?

This revolution in the Philippine cooling industry will bring the practical benefits of smart aircons to the mainstream market, making life easier faster and simpler for its customers.


So, what are the benefits of having a Carrier Smart+Cool System?

Together with its companion app, the Carrier Smart+Cool System can help you manage your monthly budget. It allows you to monitor and track how much energy, in peso amounts, your aircon has consumed in real time, and even alert you before you go past your electrical consumption limit. The system informs you when your aircon is no longer working efficiently and making you use more power. No more bill shock!

With the new Carrier Smart+Cool System, you can have cooling just the way you like it. You can turn on your aircon from wherever you are. You could be a few feet away or stuck in traffic on the way home and still look forward to a cool welcome when you arrive.

Want your aircon to turn on and off at various times on different days? You can do that too, and even change the temperature. These controls are simple to use but give a much more complete experience.

The Carrier Smart+Cool System also makes cooling more relaxing and easier for you. It warns you when your aircon needs to be cleaned and makes getting service easy with a customer service chat function. You will even have updates on the status of the service personnel during cleaning, and you can even pay for it online. Much easier for you than ever before!
There is other thing that were discuss as well during the presentation like how much would be the savings when you just use your air-conditioner at 22-23 degrees compare if you have it at 16 degrees.
A lot of us are using the 16 degrees and then cover ourselves with comforter just like me, but I found out that I could save like 50 percent on my consumption if I just have it at 22-23 degrees. An interesting fact that I want to share to you as well. Just observe on just how much we can save.
Okey, back to my topic about the Carrier Smart+Cool System; as of now they only sell it by bundle. If you are planning to purchase a new window type air-conditioner by CCAC; you can avail of the Carrier Smart+Cool System
CCAC mention that eventually, they would release the product as an accessory
So that’s it guys, if you are planning to purchase your air conditioner, do check out the CCAC latest offering. We are now in a digital world, why not make the most out of it with the Carrier Smart+Cool System

So, till next time, and thank you for dropping by
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  1. How i wish i could have that Carrier Smart+Cool System by CCAC. hehe Soon!! In God’s perfect time. hahah Super ganda po nito madam. Grabe talaga, Super hitech na po talaga tayo.

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