That’s My Tatay; That’s Our Tatay: Bring Back the Self Esteem Journey

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My children seldom comes home but when they do, they would always ask, “ Punta ba si Tatay”.

Mom, ” bakit ang tangos ng ilong ni Tatay” bakit di mo namana”.


They call my father “ Tatay”, nakalakihan na kasi nila nadidinig that I call him Tatay and they grow up calling him Tatay as well.

I so love my parents that during my darkest time, they are the one whom I was able to turn to and help me get back on my feet and they also help in taking care of my kids.

Mom passed away a couple of years ago and Tatay lived with my younger sibling but goes to my home everyday.

Sabi ko, maglakad lakad ka; pasyal pasyal pag may time and go out with your friends; sabi ko pa nga “ hanap ka na ng girlfriend para di ka malungkot”.

Tatay is gwapo by the way ; that is why a lot of our lady neighbors have a crush on him; but we don’t mind because we want him to be happy.

Tatay with his Apo

Tatay’s regular routine would be; visit me at home  and wash the dishes ; clean the kitchen and wash our clothes.

Other’s might think that ; bakit ko pa sya pinapagawa sa bahay eh my edad na sya; Tatay is 72 already.

He walks about 10 minutes from the tricycle terminal going to our house by the way.


The reason for this is; I don’t want him to feel unneeded and I always says that it’s his exercise. Tatay is hardworking and I know that  he wanted to feel important. I just let him do what he wants but mind you, he’s one spoiled dad.

A few  months ago, he suffer a ligament perforation; napatid daw litid nya sa tuhod.  He went some MRI and other check up and an operation was advice. We were prepared for all the expenses but we were also told that even though maoperahan sya, there’s no assurance na di na sasakit tuhod nya. He was old already at di na din daw medaling magdikit ung napatid na ligament; therefore the operation is useless.

He was given some pain reliever meds and we purchase him a cane and strap to help him with knee when walking.

After that , di na naglalabas si Tatay ng bahay; laging nakahiga and walang gana. Parang naimbalido na sya and felt useless which we strongly told him na hind naman .  It actually took months to the point na sinabi ko na if he want to go to the province muna para mag bakasyon but he doesn’t want to go.


“Tatay, tuhod lang yan, di ka inbalido”; I told him

Hinahanap ka na ng mga apo mo, ipagluto mo daw sila ng sinigang kasi uuwi sila sa Linggo sa bahay.

Ung damit daw ni EJ, ipatahi mo; di ko alam kung san dadalin; ikaw daw may alam.

I told him, ayaw nila kumain ng luto ko; di daw ako marunong magluto.


Unti unti , dumalaw na sya ulit sa bahay, although takot pa din idiin ung paa nya, he uses the cane and would always ask na ipahatid sya sa bahay nila.

This is when he regained his strength, nakalabas na kami ulit, but still with strap on his knee

It’s hard for me to see him like that, parang unti unting nanghihina; that’s why we gave him the support he needs. We purchase vitamins and Ensure Gold with HMB for him.

We wanted him to regain his strength and have the ability to continue what he loves, like joining his senior friends for a meal or a cup of coffee.


New Ensure Gold is Abbott’s latest breakthrough in nutrition – it has the unique ingredient HMB that works with our triple protein blend to build and maintain muscle mass. The Ensure brand is backed by 46 years of scientific evidence and more than 30 clinical studies.

We wanted the best for him, sabi nga di ba spoiled dad sya

Balik na sya sa dati ulit; luto; linis; laba and the best ay ung pagiging chickboy nya.

Binilan ko pa ng bagong cellphone kasi daw eh madaming nagtatanung kung may FB sya.


I don’t know about what other’s thought about my style with my Tatay. I know that his old and all but I believe kasi na when you felt that you are no longer needed; parang mas nakakamatay yun eh

We are not slaving him; we just let him do what chores he wants to do; we just let him feel na may silbi sya and that we needed him in our life. 

More than anything…. I want to give my Tatay; his self esteem.

Age is just a number as they say but I know that his body is aging and besides our love for him; he needed sustenance that Ensure and proper diet  was able to give.

Sabi nga #ensuretheirstrength , “Ibalik ang Lakas. Ibalik ang Alaga.” and “Stay Strong”


Right now, Tatay is back on his feet again; cooking the favorite sinigang and tinola of his apo and making sure that the clothes are clean and that his anak na bunso got the baon for work that he wants.

He now goes to his relatives in Bulacan once in a while pero dapat naka grab.

Yes magastos  but we don’t mind as long as Tatay is happy


That’s my Tatay;  the spoiled dad

To you, I share

Give them what they deserve…. their self esteem


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