Taste the World with Minute Burger Premium Burgers

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Buy 1 take 1

A good deal for everyone who wants to share something to their love ones

Especially if it’s food that you are sharing

As they say, best thing comes in two’s, just like what Minute Burger is trying to give to its customers

Minute Burger recently launched its Taste of the World Premium Burger.     Popular for its affordable Buy One, Take One burgers and sandwiches, Minute Burger gained even more attention after launching BIG TIME in 2012. Immediately, Black Pepper and Bacon Cheeseburger quickly made its way into the stomachs of many Filipinos who have been long searching for premium flavors that are principally above in quality and taste, with a very wallet-friendly price tag. Innovation continues to push the food industry forward. With competitors focused in formulating new products routinely, it was imperative that Minute Burger also change and innovate. And thus, they have developed their very first product campaign for 2017 named Taste of the World.

I want to share to you what happened during the launch.  Its better that you see what I actually did during the launch. I was able to eat the four variants and for someone who eats like a laborer; I could say that it was heavy on my tummy and wasn’t able to finish all of it. But I did found my favorite on one of them. What you will see is my actual expression while eating the four premium burgers.

Taste of the World reintroduces all four BIG TIME sandwiches and the origins where each burger had been taken from. Most importantly is the noticeable upgrade: all four have been enriched using a BRIOCHE bun. Tastier, creamier, and even more tender than the original oatmeal-sprinkled premium, BRIOCHE is greatly considered a better substitute for normal bread.

The new Brioche buns supremely enhance the overall taste and presentation of all four BIG TIME sandwiches, making our premium burgers more inviting and mouth-watering.

Price range from P 55 pesos to P61, not a bad deal since you gets two already for an affordable price

Better bring your love ones and share this new premium burger from Minute Burger

The good news about all of this besides the price, you don’t need to go out of the country just to get a taste of their burger because Minute Burger made sure that for every bite that you take, you are transported to whatever country you dream of.

Taste, aroma, price and the convenience, this is what Minute Burger is to me and to my take one……………..

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