Sunlife Digital Stories : To help Filipinos Understand the Need for Financial Indepence

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Sun life launched a new collection of its digital film dubbed Sun Shorts, which highlight the relationships that makes live #brightertogether. The formal launch happened last June 7, 2017 at Makati Shangri-La Rizal Ballroom. The event was graced by their brand ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual and Ms. Charo Santos.  Directors  Zig Marasigan of Waves, Nic Reyes of She Said, She said and Mink Vergara of Sayaw was also present  to share their inspiration about the film.

The short films were released at and was uploaded also on Facebook so that it may be easily accessed and shared by viewers.

Each film also comes with an explainer video where Sun life Ambassadors share their thoughts and shed light on how insurance and investments enable us to promote the relationships that matter to us.

Sun life hope that through these short digital stories, Filipinos would understand that preparing for tomorrow is important. A brighter life for our loved ones and a secured tomorrow as well.

Each story has an impact to everyone and everyone can relate to each one of them. The first story titled “Wave”, gives a peek into the mindset of the millennials who are often categorized as a YOLO. What’s interesting about this film was? It shows us that now; a common law partner can now be a beneficiary as long as they present a CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage.  Common law partners are common now days and they make sure that they could accommodate every one and every situation.

The second story, She Said, She said was close to my heart because it tackles single parent or single mom. Every parent wants to prepare the future of their children. For this situation, Sun life advice that parent should secure themselves first before getting one for their children.

The last film “Sayaw” is about second chances, it’s never too late for everyone to get insurance.  A person who is in his/her forties can still get insurance as long as they are healthy and has the capacity to be financially independent.

Sun life will offer workshop for the month of June to further explain about financial independence. For, details about on this activity, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Sun life also offers basic financial planning course in the Brighter Life Institute at


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