Sunlife Asset Management Shares Four Great News for 2019

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I was invited a few days ago by Sun life Philippines to attend their market outlook for 2019. The event was held at the Discovery Prime last May 22, 2019. Together from other with media and bloggers, Sun life has announced great news not only for Sun life client like me but for others who are thinking of availing Sun life insurance.


The attendees was formally welcome by Ms. Valerie Pama, President of Sun Life Asset Management

The first half of the year has brought Sun life some fascinating events that shape the investors’ confidence when it comes to managing its finances

Here are what they have shared to us.

  • Sun life has a good standing when it comes to Philippines Credit Rating. Standard and Pool has awarded Philippines with a BBB+ credit rating. It means that it’s a good time to level up our financial journey thru legal fund investment where in Sun life Asset Management can be of help. This pursuit of prosperity serves as the core of Sun life investment.
  • Get on track with The Sun life Prosperity Achiever Funds, allowing us to achieve our long term investment as low as P1000 and grow your money by regularly adding to the investment. Take advantage of its unique offerings. It’s the first of its kind in the industry. A simple investment solution that would help finance life goals slated for a future date. It champion long term investing. Develop an investing habit, and built wealth for long term life goals.
  • The Bills Payment Program. It run with BDO, BPI and Metrobank, the program allows investment to add to their investment thru the partner bank therefore they can regularly invest hassle free. Enroll your Sun Life prosperity fund in the bank bill payment service now
  • Sun life Prosperity Card comes in two denomination of P 1000 and P 5000. It a starter kit for investment and take advantage of an investment value since it grow in time. It can be use also as a top up. The Sun Life Prosperity Card is a stored value gift card that may be used to invest in peso-denominated mutual funds managed and distributed by SLAMCI. It may be purchased for personal use or as a gift to loved ones. It enables the recipient to have his own starter mutual fund with a value that potentially appreciates over time. Also available in P5, 000 denomination, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is available for purchase at major Sun Life Client Service Centers or through a Sun Life financial advisor. The card may be activated at any Sun Life Client Service Center nationwide.


Of all the news they shared, The Sun life Prosperity Card got my attention, the most.

I am a proud owner of 5 Sun life insurance (myself and my 4 kids are Sun life insurance holder).Every time one of them graduate, I make it a point to give them a graduation gift and an insurance is what they got from me and it seems that I would be purchasing another Sun life offerings for them; the Sun life Prosperity Card.

For more details about their promos and other inquiries, do check out or call 849-9888 or talk to a Sun life Advisor to know more about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and the Sun Life Prosperity Funds

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