Stay Safe with Safeguard : Get up to 30% off on Safeguard products on October 11-13 for #Safewash against germs

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Amidst the ongoing pandemic and the unsure times brought about it, hygiene is the most important thing to take care of and be mindful of wherever you go. Sanitising your hands after touching any surface is advisable and should be highly enforced when outside.

However, when coming home the most effective way of ensuring that your hands are clean and safe from any virus and bacteria is a good 20 second hand-wash with soap. The most trusted brand of soap around the world, Safeguard ;is there to ensure your hand-washing and sanitising needs are met and satisfied.

Safeguard is a brand that first launched in the Philippines in 1966 after P&G decided to expand into the international markets, with the Philippines being the one of the first countries that they expanded in. Years have gone by and Safeguard has become one of the leading experts in hygiene care, and with the Corona Virus still raging on with no vaccine in sight, Safeguard has proven to be an effective killer of the said virus.

Due to this P&G and Shopee have partnered up together for the “#Safewash against germs” this coming October 11 to October 13 and are offering a discount of up to 30% on Safeguard products.

This includes products such as the Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap that comes in a 255ml pump bottle and two 420ml refills along with it, the Pure White hand soap has a very refreshing soap scent that’s gentle on the nose and the skin. They also have the Safeguard Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap which has a lemony citrus scent that leaves you with a fresh feeling. Safeguard is also introducing the all new Safeguard Pure White Foaming Hand Soap, boasting the same soapy scent and gentle skin cleaning properties but with a fun new insta foam and lathering technique that makes hand washing fun. They also have the Safeguard Foaming Hand Soap Lemon that features all the wonderful effects of the regular Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap as well as the citrusy lemon smell with the all new foam technology.

This coming holidays gift, your loved ones with health and safety by making sure that they’re always clean and hygienic with Safeguard soap products.

You can find a slew of Safeguard products on the official P&G store on Shopee by searching them up using your internet browser using this link ( or by downloading the Shopee application if you haven’t through the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore.

Protecting your loved ones don’t have to come at a steep and high price, you can start protecting your family and friends starting with giving them Safeguard hand soap to wash their hands and save them from virus and bacterial diseases, grab yourself some Safeguard products at an even lower price this coming October 11 and show them how much you love them.

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