Stand out this Christmas with the OPPO F9 in Starry Purple

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It’s time to embrace boldness with the stunning color of the year

Every year, fashion experts, designers, artists, and the world’s creative population eagerly await the hue that will be announced as the color of the year. Apart from thrilling trendsetters and trendwatchers, the chosen color is also seen in a wide variety of products, clothing, accessories, and more recently, in tech must-haves, including smartphones.

In 2018, color experts declared Ultra Violet—a vivid, stunning hue that evokes mystery, adventure, and excitement—to be the color that will dominate the year’s tech and fashion trends. This hue also brings to the fore the concepts of originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking, which perfectly align with global innovation leader OPPO and its latest smartphone offering, the beautiful F9.

Embracing 2018’s trendiest hue in technology
Packed with amazing features, the OPPO F9 takes technology to a uniquely expressive path with the Starry Purple colorway. Not only does it represent the timeless qualities of the color of the year, but it also provides the opportunity to add a unique, festive color to one’s Christmas season.

“Style enthusiasts and trendy techies who dare to be unique will definitely love the most striking smartphone to date: our own OPPO F9 in stunning Starry Purple,” said Jane Wan, OPPO Philippines VP for Marketing. “It is a powerful, sophisticated device they can proudly carry around during their holiday gatherings and any occasion beyond that.”

Inspired by the glorious night sky dotted with sparkling stars, the F9 in Starry Purple is specially designed to be bold and edgy—just the right smartphone for those who want to be expressive in every aspect of their lives. The gradation in the back cover starts from a glossy indigo at the top, which then seamlessly transitions to a deep purple finish. Small beads are sprayed on the top portion to achieve the twinkling starry effect that has interesting depth.

“Compared to other models and brands in the market, the F9 Starry Purple truly stands out,” added Wan. “In a sea of neutrals and metallic finishes, we’ve decided to look at the night sky for inspiration. This new colorway is how we want to encourage Filipino smartphone users to embrace individuality and self-expression, as well as to inspire them to pursue worlds beyond their own with the help of OPPO technology.”

This eye-catching smartphone also combines striking, fashionable design with powerful specs to take user experience to the next level. The Starry Purple F9 comes with the convenient VOOC Flash Charge technology, which allows users two hours of talk time with just five minutes of charging. Apart from the beautifully designed body and stunning back cover, the F9 boasts of a unique waterdrop screen, 6GB RAM, and dual rear cameras.

Break the routine and lead an aesthetic trend this Christmas with the Starry Purple F9, now available in stores and authorized resellers for PHP 17,990.00 (SRP). For more details on OPPO’s products and activities, follow and @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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