Skincare Made for the Modern Filipina from Dermcare

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They say that before you could serve or love other, you should love and serve yourself first and that mean taking care of yourself. Skincare is one basic need that all of us need, not only women but men as well. Eating the right food, sleeping right and taking up basic supplement that could help us achieve this goal some of the thing that we need to keep in mind.
With that being said, the Wellness Innovators Corporation, in partnersh’p with the Dermcare Group of Companies will be launching an innovative skin care line this December.

The new skincare line is designed and manufactured in partnership with Japanese beauty experts. This new skincare line is developed especially for working Filipinas who encounter a lot of glow suckers in their daily lives and do not have the time for multi-step, time- consuming skincare regimens.

According to the company. glow suckers are elements in a Filipina’s life that cause damage to her skin. These elements range from harsh weather conditions, pollution, personal and professional stressors, and unhealthy habits.

When glow suckers take over a Filipina’s life, it creates chemical and biological reactions that muse the skin to dry up, have acne breakouts, and age prematurely.

This inspired the people at Wellness Innovators Corporation and Dermcare to design and develop a skincare line for the working Filipina.

‘We believe that the combination of our experience in Filipina beauty, together with the technology of Japanese skin innovators, we have developed an excellent product that can help Filipinas reveal their radiant and beautiful skin,’ said Mrs. Zenaida Palisoc, CEO and Piesident of the Demure Group of Companies when asked about the new product line.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nicole Narvato, Marketing Manager of Wellness Innovators Corporation, stated that the new products are rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can revitalize, nourish, and protect the Filipina skin.

In addition to its healing, nourishing, and protective attributes, this new skincare line promises integration in the working Filipinas’s beauty regimen.

This new skincare line will be launched on December 9, 2019, during Dermcare’s 30 Gorgeous Years

Party which will be held at the Manila Hotel. Follow the launch event’s official hastag #pinayradiance to be one of the first people to witness this newest innovation in the Philippine skincare.


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