SHIGETSU GAMAGORI Semi Round Metallic Computer Glasses with Anti Radiation / Bluelight lens : Get up to 83% off at Shopee

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Sitting in front of your computer screens, scrolling on your phone while rolling around on your bed as you have another sleepless night, and each day you strain your eyes from the long hours you spend in front of your gadgets, from the tv, to phones, and to computers. This is a common occurrence in most households nowadays due to us being stuck in our homes and taking up the responsibility of minimizing the spread of the virus. We sink all of our free time finding ways to entertain and spice up our day as the bland and tasteless day goes on.

We expose our eyes to a dangerous amount of Blue Light, a light frequency produced by modern screens causes great damage to our retinas which causes our eyesights to degrade. Shigetsu is a Japanese based eyewear company that has the goal of providing the Filipino people with stylish Japanese eyewear designs, the Shigetsu brand prides itself with traditional craftsmanship partnered with innovative technological techniques to produce their eye pieces.

Shigetsu has seen the problems being caused by the extensive exposure to blue light and created eyewear for the Filipino people. The Gamagori computer glasses is one such product specifically made to aid the people in protecting their eyes from the screens that they find themselves glued to.

Shigetsu is not only stylish but very affordable as well, the eyepieces that can be found online are very competitively priced. Shigetsu can be found on Shopee now as well, Shigetsu has set up a shop and can be found using this link on your internet browsers, another option as well would be by using the Shopee application that can be found and downloaded from the Google Playstore or the App Store for iPhone users.

Shigetsu will be participating in the Shopee 8.8 Fashion sale that will happen this coming August 8, 2020 to August 9, 2020, get the chance to get eyepieces at an even lower price than normal, an example would be the Gamagori Computer glasses that would become priced at Php 219.00 from it’s original suggested retail price of Php 999.00, that’s a saving of over 70%.

The Shopee 8.8 Fashion sale will not be the only opportunity to cop a pair of glasses at a lower price, Shigetsu will also be participating in the Shopee super brand day from August 10, 2020 to August 12, 2020.

The Super Brand Day will be offering discounts of up to 83% on Shigetsu products. Protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy is very easy with the help of Shigetsu and their Blue Light filtering glasses, the affordable and stylish pieces are at your fingertips, grab your own pair of eyeglasses on Shopee and enjoy the great discounts they offer as well as the free delivery with ZERO minimum spend during the Shopee 8.8 Fashion sale.

Give your eyes a favor and yourself as well by buying yourself a pair and making sure to protect your precious eyes.

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