Shakey’s Newest Pizza Flavor : The new Louisiana Shrimp Pizza

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Shakey’s recently launched their latest flavor in time for the Valentines Day: The Louisiana Shrimp Pizza.


The launched happened last Feb 13,2018 at the Paseo de Magallanes Shakey’s branch and together with my co-bloggers; we got to taste it first.

Famous chefs and food bloggers all hail Louisiana cuisine for their seafood heritage. Arguably one of the most flavorful cultures in the world, Louisiana cuisine is a delicious melting pot thanks to French, African, American, and French-Canadian cultures. In fact, their reverence for premium seafood has led them to be the number one provider of shrimp, oysters, crab, crawfish, and even gator in the United States!

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Taking inspiration from this rich culture, Shakey’s has taken pains to ensure that this seafood bounty is reflected in their newest pizza offering. Presenting, the new Louisiana Shrimp Pizza! Plump and juicy shrimps marinated in Cajun spice blend, and strips of freshly cut basil leaves are spread over their famous Thin Crust pizza and served on top of a special herbed garlic sauce. Light and delectable, this pizza is definitely a catch for your taste buds!

 The limited-edition Shakey’s Louisiana Shrimp Pizza is set to hit stores nationwide on February 14, 2018, and will only be available until April 30, 2018. So be sure to snatch a catch of your own by visiting your nearest Shakey’s store to satisfy that seafood craving! You can also order through the Shakey’s delivery hotline 77-777, or online at .



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6 thoughts on “Shakey’s Newest Pizza Flavor : The new Louisiana Shrimp Pizza

  1. Wow! Ang sarap naman Shakeys Louisiana Shrimp Pizza For a limited tim lang until April.. Yay!! How much it cost madam? Parang gusto ko siya tikman.

  2. Wow! Super yummy and healthy pa…Tamang-tama din for this coming Holy Week, I will try this the next time I visit any Shakey’s Pizza store

  3. Wow I wanna try the newest pizza flavor ng shakeys! sa pic palang miss lariza nakakagutom na hehe

  4. Parang ma herb lasa nitong Louisiana shrimp pizza which I love. Sana matikman ko sya bago mag april

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