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What makes a meat dish so good? Some would say that it is all about the quality of meat a restaurant cooks, while there are others who would quickly answer that it is about how it was cooked with all the flavors that goes with the meat. Both of these answers are true, but what sets aside a good meat dish is the passion that goes through the process of getting the right stuff and putting all of it on the heat the right way, until it is served on a platter. And then, it is delicately sliced with all the flavors oozing, catching a whiff of all the aroma under the nose, then into the mouth where it plays with the tongue, teeth, and cheeks.

Being able to understand what the food is all about, I manage to talk to the one of the owners of SEARED® restaurant and lounge


This is the same passion for meat that brought a team of young individuals to establish a restaurant where meat is king, and everyone is invited to feast on their creations- to get a feeling of comfort and enjoyment in every bite. SEARED® restaurant and lounge is a modern American gastronomic hub for meat lovers that utilizes sous-vide in their meat dishes. This allows them to produce flavorful dishes while maintaining the tenderness of the meat and the consistency of cooking it evenly. They take pride in fusing science and art in food preparation with its customized engineering of their kitchen.

For starters, diners can enjoy SEARED® lineup of burgers that is sure to whet their appetites for more meat. SEARED® only uses the best quality wagyu beef in their patties and are combined with other ingredients to make every bite memorable. The mix of lean meat and marbled fat gives every patty that juiciness and heavenly texture playing in the mouth. SEARED® has the staple, Classic Cheeseburger and people couldn’t get wrong in choosing a classic like this. Their Bacon Mushroom Melt is another burger lovers’ favorite with all the flavors of hickory bacon sautéed mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Malcolm’s X on the other hand is served egg, which makes it an interesting addition to its contemporaries in the menu. All of these wagyu burgers are served in a brioche bun giving it more texture and flavor in every bite.

Moving on to their big steaks, SEARED® offers Bronco (T-bone), The Patron (Rib eye), and Mr. Porter (Porterhouse) to those with a big appetite. All of which is served— all 500 grams of it— with two side dishes that can be chosen from their menu. This is where the magic of sous vide comes in. Their meats are sealed in a vacuum pouch with all the flavors they want in the meat and then steamed or submerged in a warm bath, fusing all the flavors in the meat for hours until it is ready to get some heat in the pan. This allows the meat to be so tender and cook evenly, before it if finally served. If the diners are down for more meaty experience though, they could go for The Godfather platter, where they can enjoy SEARED®’s array of meat selections like, barbecue ribs, pork chop (A chops), fried chicken (Hamilton), and beef brisket (Hannibal). They also serve generous portions of seared salmon, and pink peppercorn salad with blackened tuna.

When you are, all stuffed and satisfied with their meals, you can wash it all down and enjoy the rest of the day with a selection of cocktails and mocktails by SEARED®. They have the Girl Boss that is a mix of whiskey, lemon, and rosemary. Their Ivy on the other hand is a mix of vodka, falernum, and basil. For those who would just want to cleanse their palate, Clarissa might be the one they are looking for, with its mix of green apple, orange, and mint.

So, whenever there is a craving for good meat, or there is a need to meet up with friends and have a merry evening with good food and drinks, SEARED® restaurant and lounge will always be there to provide to satisfy those cravings. SEARED® is located at Unit 9 G/F Technopoint, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Follow SearedPH on Facebook and Instagram for a closer look!


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