SCG Smart Board for Innovative Home Building

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SCG Exhibit at WorldBEX 2016 Redefines the Future of Innovative Living for Filipino Homeowners, and officially launched the strengthened SCG Smartboard for innovative home building

SCG, an ASEAN sustainable business leader, displayed new products that will help Filipinos create stylish and sustainable homes at the 21st WorldBEX, which kicked off on March 16, 2016.

With more than 100 years of expertise in the homebuilding and construction sector, SCG showcased their concept of “UNBOUNDED FIBER CEMENT.”  SCG’s 90-square foot booth displayed actual installations of SCG products and the innovative solutions that the Philippine market will be seeing for the first time.

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IMG_1942“Our annual participation in WorldBEX affirms the company’s strong commitment to develop world-class products and services to meet the changing and growing needs of international and local construction professionals, traders, exporters, associations and homeowners. SCG is ready to introduce and deliver the latest technologies, innovative building materials and creative construction solutions for Filipinos,” said Mr. Phaskorn Buranawit, Country Director of SCG Cement-Building Materials Philippines.


One of the featured innovations was the SCG Smartboard, a fiber-cement board consisting of SCG Portland cement and non-asbestos cellulose fiber, giving it strength, flexibility, and water resistance. The public was invited to test the strength of the board by stomping heavily on the board, and they were amazed that it did not sustain any damage.


Two breakthrough technologies showcased at the exhibit were Extrusion Technology and Digital Printing Technology. Extrusion Technology uses a free form molding process that provides a wide range of styles and designs with various depth levels and dynamic forms needed to make distinctive home finishes, as seen in the SCG Smartboard Modeena and SCG Smartwood Floor Plank.


These floor planks bring life to homes with their multi-layer impression that gives a personal touch to a person’s home. For example, the SCG Smartboard Modeena is applicable for both exterior and interior use due to its termite-free and waterproof properties; while it is the same for the SCG Smartwood Floor Plank which can reduce the weight up to 25%, therefore saving on structural costs.


The Digital Printing Technology on Fiber Cement Board enables printing of a variety of colors, designs, and textures on wall tiles that provide different tones and unique artistic designs. With these products, walls and floors can be stylishly designed to suit various taste preferences. The SCG booth at WorldBEX displayed a room whose walls and floors used digital printing to achieve the look of real marble material.


“We at SCG understand that Filipino homeowners want their homes to look the very best and to be made by the best materials out there in the market. As a response to this, SCG continually develops their products and services to provide Filipino families high-quality SCG products that can be applied for either exterior or interior parts of their homes, ensuring innovative and sustainable living for all Filipinos nationwide,” said Mr. Buranawit.


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