Sau Tao Noodles are up in the air

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Filipinos love to eat food, with all the different types of cuisine that has been incorporated into the country’s culture. Due to the diversity of food present in our country, everyone has picked up their own preferences when it comes to food, we as Filipinos share common traits when it comes to our preference however, which would be rice, and noodles. Food as well has a direct impact on the culture and beliefs of people, one example would be the belief of eating Pancit Canton during birthdays to gain longevity and prosperity. Thus noodles have become a cornerstone to the cuisine of the country, even more so when instant noodles were invented. The convenience of the instant noodles we know today came from the need to preserve food for a longer duration. This invention is the reason why we have all sorts of cheap instant noodles in the market.


Sau Tao is a brand of instant noodles that originated from Hong Kong, a country that boasts numerous Michelin Star awardees, a country well known for their food. Sau Tao came to existence way back in 1960 specializing in instant noodles, and branching out to different condiments as the brand grew through the years, eventually they were awarded as Hong Kong’s top brand for the products that they released into the market. The brand has created new ways to ensure that their products are innovative and healthy to the people who patronize them, and to reach this goal they have adopted a new technique for making their noodles healthier for their consumers, air-frying, this ensures that the noodles use less oil that lowers the fat and calories of their noodle products as compared to the noodles that make use of oil to deep fry.


Their famous XO sauce that was named after the XO cognac, XO standing for extra old which is used by liquor brands to signify the luxury of the product. The XO sauce are condiments made from various seafood and chili peppers that are popularly used in Cantonese noodle and dimsum dishes.


Sau Tao has been brought to the Philippines by the Double Down Import & Export Inc. a company that aims to bring a whole new world of asian cuisine to the doorstep of every Filipino by partnering up with Shopee, you can find products such as the Sau Tao egg noodle, Shrimp Egg noodle, Shanghai Noodle, Cream noodle, Beijing noodle, Japanese Udon Noodle, plain noodles that can be used for soups, hotpot, as well as stir-fry. Aside from these plain noodles they also brought in a line of flavored instant noodles, noodles that will surely satisfy your palate any day of the week and keep you coming back for more of that delicious and scrumptious taste.

Grab your own stock of the wonderful taste offered within each package of noodles and let your inner adventurer explore with all the different ways you can have these noodles. Find out whether your heart and tongue craves a warm bowl of soup, a fiery and spicy aromatic hotpot, or a classic plate of flavorful and rich stir-fry, and taste the wonderfully spicy and deeply flavored XO sauce to spice up whatever you’re eating. You can grab all of these on the Shopee website or download the Shopee app from your Google Playstore or App Store. Introduce yourself to new flavors that you will surely love the moment it hits your tongue.

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