Rebuilding Homes: New Llfe,New Hope 3 Relocation housing project at Brgy. Ilang Bunawan District In Partnership with Holclm and DSWD .

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129 families living along Ilang riverbanks finally built new homes with the koint project of Holcim  Philippines. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). and City Social and Development Office (CSSDO) as several families live along. the banks of Ilang River struggled whenever floodwaters  invade their homes, leaving almost everything devastated

Holcim Philippines donated  P 54 million worth of three hectares of land through the Barangdy local govemmem Unit and P 43,000.00 capital assitanance for livelihood through concrete hollow Block making.

Moremer. Holcim Philippines put in an additional P 10 million for skills enhancement training on Masonry. Plumbing. Carpentry. and Concrete Hollow Block Production. These skills came handy for site development. water drilling. road networks, and drainage system.

This project  helped improve their lives by providing them a safer place to live and equip them with new skills for additional livelihood options.

DSWD. on the other hand. provided P 9 million for the Modified Shelter Assistance Program (\ASAP) and P 2.9 million for Cash for Work. where beneficiaries receive cash of P260 daily as they build their new community.

The BLGU released a P 295,000.00 counterpart for Food for Training durtng skills enhancement sessious. P 21,000.00 for social preparation of beneficiaries, and P 250,000.00 for construction management.

Part of  the recipients are 36 Pantawid Pantilya beneficiaries.The beneficiaries became an organized institution called ‘Pag-asa Hang Homeownwers Association Inc. (PIHOA).

The residents of Ilang may not easily forget the emotional and economic pains brought about by the floods. Rehabilitation of their homes and livelihoods finished last 2016. But it’s the resilience of the human spirit that will always prevail. DSWD, CSSDO and Holcim unite with the Villagers in Ilang in this initiative for recovery.

2. Gulayan sa Barangay

Another achievement of the program beneficiaries is their initiative in creating communal gardens to provide them with nutritious food and additional source of income and promote a sense 0! community. Through the Gulayan sa Barangay. the beneticiarics are able to apply  what  they leamed in Family Development Session. These backyard and communal gardens and the stories behind their creation are worth sharing to public.

To achieve the goal of the program through communal garden, the Holcim Philippines donated the Modified Recovery Facility to the beneficiaries in barangay Mahuyag Bunawan District. This is a provision of Composting Machine and fabricated solid waste shredder that Will help sustain the community gardens in the school and backyard gardens of the pantawid beneticiaries.

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