Reasons Why You should Visit Izakaya Kenta Malate

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An izakaya is a type of informal Japanese gastropub. They are casual places for after-work drinking.

Located at the heart of Malate, Izakaya Kenta provides not just a place to relax but serves authentic Japanese cuisine since 1997. Izakaya Kenta is now own and managed by Dr. Rey Medina, a person who loved the food that the restaurant served and decide to continue the legacy that it stands for.

Reasons why Visit Izakaya Kenta

Ambiance and Location

Amazing Display of Wine of Customers You can purchase a bottle of wine or alcohol and can leave it for six months You can drink your own bottle of wine every time you dine and visit Izakaya Kenta
A private room for you and your family It’s a first come first serve basis You can also book any occasion since each room are interconnected

There are a lot of choice when it comes to their authentic Japanese food. Here are my top choices

Tako Potato – deep fried potato balls filled with tako (octopus) (Php 180*) I so love this Tako Potato This dish has no extenders of what so ever and a large tako inside is definitely worth what you are paying for.

Gomoku Ramen – noodles with seafoods with salad (Php 300*) The broth of the soup season with the right seasoning. Even the noodles are made in the restaurant, not soggy even after it was soaked in the soup for quite some time. I feel full after eating a bowl , especially with veggies that are perfectly cooked
This ebi curry is so delicious, a perfect Japanese curry that you cant stop eating. The ebi are crispy and the breaded coating is just enough that you an really taste the shrimp

There are other choice like

Okonomiyaki – seafood pancake (Php 350*)

A 50% off to selected menu from 9pm-12mn daily until December 30, 2017



I love Japanese food and Izakaya Kenta definite pass with flying colors. I notice that there are a lot of Japanese dining at the restaurant when I visited Izakaya Kenta and it only shows that they capture the real taste of the Japanese cuisine
The place is perfect even for the whole family and friend because they serve a wide range of menu and your love ones will find something that they would love.
Do try Izakaya Kenta, it’s accessible since its located along the road where public vehicle pass by.
Price wise, they are worth every penny you spent
And now I know that Japanese food is not just about maki and sashimi; although they serve delicious maki, they were able to introduce to me to a more variety of Japanese cuisine

I will definitely come back

I just hope that they would be able to get a branch near by my place in Pasig

Address: Ground Floor, Malate Bayview Mansion, 1781 Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, 1064 Metro Manila
Contact No: (02) 523 1874 / 09162187958
IG: @izakayakentajapaneserestaurant Email address:



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