Reasons Why We should drink Banahaw Spring Purified Water

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Close your eyes and imagine that you are beside a lake in the mountain. That is the feeling that you get when you take a sip from a bottle of Banahaw Spring Purified water.

How does Banahaw Purified water get that feeling across?

The company has three different points they are proud of, and they sure as well should.

First, their plantation is found near the foot of Mount Banahaw in San Pedro, Laguna that claims to be up to par with international standards allowing their products to be of top-notch quality.  

Second, with all the production procedures done mainly by automated machines requiring very minimal human interaction and in this way the water is untouched by human hands. The research that the company did took three years to be completed, showing that the company does its best to thoroughly do their best to provide quality products.

Additionally, the first purified water will be named after its source, which is first of its kind in the Philippines.

Lastly, the company boasts that their water containers are all BPA free, a very carcinogenic chemical something commonly found in industrial plastics, only of their efforts to keep their company environment friendly.

The company also has protocols in place to support and nurture the natural state of their water source, insuring that what their company does, does not destroy the environment. These are only a few of the things that they feel proud of when talking about their company.

And all of this were shared by the management and people who are behind the Banahaw Spring Purified Water during their media launched last April 16,2018 at the Manila Private House in BGC.

So, if you want a taste of what nature can offer, then crack a bottle of Banahaw Springs Purified Water and taste it au naturel and let the springs flow into your mouth and into your soul.

Drink your water, it’s good for your health

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3 thoughts on “Reasons Why We should drink Banahaw Spring Purified Water

  1. Name palang kasi ng purified water na to parang ang sarap sarap nya na,yung feeling na habang umiinum ka nito eh sobrang relaxing..want to try this one naman..Thanks madam for sharing this to us..

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