Reasons Why visit 81 SeiHai?

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The moment I realized that 81 Seihai was a Japanese Restaurant, I muttered “I’m in heaven”

When I tasted the sashimi and sushi that I first had in some place that I don’t remember anymore, I fell in love.
To taste what 81 Seihai could offer was lucky for me, because I wanted to taste more of what sushi and sashimi can offer.
81 Seihai is finally open, after months of meticulous planning, to the preparation of the menu. 81 Seiha has finally opened their doors to serve Fushion style sushi and sashimi.

So why visit the 81 Seihai Sushi Lounge

Here are the following reasons:

The Food

All the types of food are meticulously prepared to the standards of the CEO, someone who enjoys eating artistically plated food. Plating that represents the soul of the dish is the aim of this restaurant.

Definitely not limited to just Sushi and Tempura, 81 SEIHAI showcases how authentic Japanese cuisine has evolved through the decades, mixing traditional and modern elements from edo style to fusion sushi dishes everyone can enjoy. The Zensai or what we call appetizers alone will make your mouth water with offerings like Salmon Sakai and Wakame Salad.  Then you have the rice toppings, the bento box menu, Special Maki menu and Sashimi specials.  It also has crowd favorites like Teppanyaki in Chicken, Beef and Ika all served with sizzling vegetables and rice.  How ‘bout Ramen and Noodles?  Yes, they’re all there, priced affordably. In fact, any regular Jane and Joe who work nearby can easily afford to have lunch there everyday.  Fusion Sushi heaven is definitely within reach!



The Place

81 Seihai is a place that any millennial would love to brag about in their Instagram profiles. With the beautiful furniture, to the eye-catching designs found in all the corners of this place.


81 SEIHAI is the newest restaurant and only Sushi Lounge along busy Timog Avenue, Quezon City. The place can be easily located. Whether you are coming from EDSA or Tomas Morata or Quezon Ave. So, if you’re ever stuck in traffic and just near the area, why don’t you just chill for a second at 81 Seihai


81 Seihei operates from 10 am to 2 am, some may ask “Why close so late?”. Well this establishment opens as a night bar when the sun goes down. A place where you can chill and eat good food is a good place in my books.

The Chef

They say that the best seat in the house is in front of the chef, you will be amaze as how he prepare the menu with grace and confidence. Ladies and Gentlemen (especially the ladies), please meet Restaurateur and Executive Chef Ronnie DeGuzman.

Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome Chef Ronnie DeGuzman can easily be mistaken for a model you see in fashion magazines. But don’t let his good-looks fool you. Behind all that eye-candy is a kind-hearted sushi chef who is so passionate and rooted in his craft. With 12 years of experience at well-acclaimed Japanese steak houses and sushi bars in New York City, Chef Ronnie can give his diners a unique gastronomic experience through out-of-the-box flavor combinations of his well-loved sushi.

A true passion-filled artist at heart, 81 SEIHAI reflects who Chef Ronnie is. From the food, service, even to the interiors of the restaurant with “tattoo-esque” murals all over making it Instagram worthy from all angles.
So, you have to make sure to get a seat in front of Chef Ronnie because he might surprise you with something unexpected.

The Man Behind 81 Seihai

But wait, who were the brains behind this now open Fusion Sushi Lounge? The idea of putting up a Fusion Sushi Lounge started as a dream by business savvy Chris Cordero, owner of 81 SEIHAI.

Born and raised in San Francisco, USA from a family of successful business men, his dad and brothers left an indelible mark in his entire being that says, “the best way to lead a fulfilling life is by having your own business”.

In 2009, Chris went to the Philippines, but guess what? He didn’t leave his heart in San Francisco. His heart stayed here in the Philippines. He went back to the States to do some unfinished business,but came back to the Philippines in 2011.

So now, here’s a young entrepreneur who’s having the time of his life. In fact, with the right connections from people around the world, he was able to start CPC Luxury Inc. where he sells luxury watches. You can find these watches in its social platforms under Wrist Game Manila.

His love for food, fashion and music is pretty much evident in his lifestyle. The stars aligned one day, when he met a Fusion Sushi Chef who also hails from the United States. This chance meeting lead Chris to hire this young, talented chef.

What else hasn’t been done that 81 SEIHAI is going to do? Well, it isn’t called a lounge for nothing. 81 SEIHAI transforms into a nightspot where people can drink, eat fantastic sushi (and other) dishes as they relax or dance the night away to great music. It absolutely is a feast for the senses!

So, don’t forget to write 81 SEIHAI on your where-to-eat list, and experience awesome fusion sushi dishes today.

81 SEIHAI (Pronounced as SAY HI) Sushi Lounge is open from 10 am to 2 am daily. Located at the G/F President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue, 1103 Quezon City. For inquiries, please call (02)355 0367 or (0915)513 7671 or drop at DM through its social media pages, IG & fb: @81seihai.
Thanks for dropping by and till next time

Lariza Garcia

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