Reason Why you should Eat a Steveston Pizza

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Steveston Pizza originated from Vancouver, Canada and now has 2 branches here in the Philippines.

I was taking time off with my food review but it was a good thing that I didn’t turn down this one; well maybe because it was pizza.

As they say, an occasion is not complete where there is no pizza on the table. Whether for just simple gathering or family occasion, pizza plays a big part on our choice of where to it.

Together with people who love pizza, we visited the 2nd branch of Steveston Pizza at Corinthian Gardens. The restaurant was located inside the subdivision and adjacent to the country club; so there is no why na ma lost ka looking for it.

Hear it straight from Mr. Richard Go, CEO of Steveston Pizza

Flow of excitement comes every time a new pizza was put on the table; we are so eager to get a taste of each variant that was offer. In total; we were able to taste 6 of their famous pizza. There’s the black, the Japanese, the marguerite, the greens, the blue, and not to mention the famous caveman.

Watch the video and see for yourself what Steveston Pizza is all about
 Every variants has its own signature, I love the black because it was sweet and the Japanese because of its wasabi smell and the blue and green and the caveman. ( hahahaha, I love them all).

The Japanese
The marguerite
The Blue
The Caveman
The Greens
The Blue
The Black

The interesting part is the prize and the toppings. Price range from 399 to 899 depends on the variants that you choose.  The best part, whether it’s just 399 or 899, you can guarantee that the toppings are not limited and the quality is superb in all the variants.

P.S: Please don’t ask for hot sauce because it would destroy the taste; you can use the pepper flakes or hot oil instead

You will definitely want to visit them, whether with your barkada, family or for meetings. No matter who you are with, you will definitely enjoy every bite.

By the way, they also serve house brew ice tea.

Stevestone Pizza

Corinthian Gardens

UP Town Center

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