Race on Investments (ROI):Making your money work for you

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From boardroom to board game, Race on Investments (ROI), a first in the banking industry Race on Investments (ROI) board game developed by Bank of the Philippine Islands to simulate real-life situations, showing the risks and rewards for each decision made by players in the game. The game’s objective is to teach player show investing can help them achieve their life goals. The game provides the player a map with three tracks: milestones, savings, and investment. Milestones show the significant events in a player’s life that can increase his income (for ex., job promotion, higher learning). Savings shows the player where he could keep his cash, while Investment shows the player’s journey towards life goals.


“This board game demonstrates the importance and ease of investing. Many people may find investing to be daunting task, but interactive tools such as a board game can show them that they can invest and take smart decisions for themselves,” says Remarie Suzette A.Ayson, VP and Department Head of Wealth Management of BPI Asset Management and Trust Group.
“BPI endeavors to be an enabler for every Filipino would-be investor, by providing financial advice making investment easy and accessible to anyone,” Remarie Suzette Ablan-Ayson, Vice President and Department Head of Wealth Management at BPI Asset Management and Trust Group said.
Through the years, BPI Asset Management has continuously come up with innovative ways to educate non-investors on the basics of investing and how it can help them achieve their goals.
Recently, BPI introduced the Race on Investments (ROI) board game, a first in the banking industry.


The world of investment might be intimidating at first, but we can all learn that this is not entirely true. Through learning your different investment options, you wouldn’t have to depend on a single source of income for when you want to travel, buy a car, or save for retirement.

With proper guidance and advisory, investing can help you achieve your life aspirations, thus making the best happen.

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