Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 Celebrate the Gift Recital with a Bang

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Gifted kids shine bright in Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 Celebrate the Gift Recital

  • Over 270 Promil Four i-Shine 7 talent camp i-Shiner graduates took the stage
  • Ever-supportive parents, relatives, mentors, and other kids filled the SMX Aura Convention Center
  • Seasoned actress Dimples Romana, who has been hosting Promil Fours i-Shine

Long lines of parent greeted me as I approached the entrance of the Convention of SMX Aura last May 10, 2019.  As early as 10 am, parents, grandparents filled the hallway of the event area to support the talent campers that will perform for the grand recital.

To begin the celebration, members of the Art Camp, under the mentorship of Teacher Robert Alejandro of Papemelroti and Teacher Kara of Masterpiece Movement, cultivated the value of Imagination through creative exploration and self-expression as they showcased a lovely mural & tunnel that they worked on during their workshop.

 Next, participants of the Dance Camp, mentored by G-Force choreographers and guided by Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy, brought the house down with both beginner and intermediate hip-hop moves. Through sequences of steps, rhythmic patterns, thumping beats, and awesome formations, each Promil Four i-Shiner explored and found a passion for dance. The value of Teamwork was incorporated as an important part of their learning during their workshops, allowing them to work together while also expressing individuality in their performance.

 Meanwhile, the little ballerinas melted the audience’s hearts because of their frilly tutus and satin ballet shoes. Personally taught and led by Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja Elizalde of Ballet Manila, the little ballerinas demonstrated poise and grace with their smooth and delicate movements. With the help of Promil Four i-Shine7 Ballet Camp, the little girls learned the value of discipline that they will take with them beyond the workshop.

 Next, the Theatre Camp i-Shiners showed off their confident, gregarious, and versatile selves on stage. One of the Promil Four Theatre camp i-Shiners’ performances was the popular fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” directed by Coaches from Trumpets Playshop. Through imagination and creativity, as well as embracing the arts in all its forms, the Theatre Camp took a step closer towards creating weIl-rounded, confident, and versatile kids.

 Members of the Music Camp showcased their gift through a lively performance of voices and instruments in perfect harmony, guided by National Artist, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. While the kids learned new musical lessons, they were also imparted with improved skills, confidence, and an increased awareness of the learning and leadership needed to thrive in life.

The future artists, dancers, musicians, ballerinas and actors conquer the stage and every parents are proud with their flashing cameras and documented videos

So, what can I say…?


To all the proud parents, this is just the beginning of the journey of your children. Nurture their talent with the help of camps set up of company likes Promil.

Be patient on your children, they are times that they feel like giving up and it’s our duty to make sure that they finish what they choose to start. Let them rest but never let then give up.


There’s a future ahead for our artist, this I can attest since I have 4 performing artist in the family (my 4 daughters; 2 are now in Ballet Philippines, 1 violinist with MPO and an architect/violinist)


Watch out for the next Promil i-Shine, for this is a venue where our children can start preparing

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