Planting for the planet by Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc

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PAFI Executive Director Martina Spakowski welcomes the volunteers and gives a few reminders, before commencing the tree planting activity.
A Pioneer volunteer gently places a seedling into the ground
Each volunteer is tokened with a stainless steel reusable straw to further promote environmentalism and the refusal of single use plastics.
Volunteers sign a tarp with an image of a tree; one name per leaf as a mark of their participation in the activity.

In its continued commitment to preserve and protect Mother Earth, Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc. (PAFI) in coordination with the local government unit under the leadership of the Municipal Mayor Leonila P. Montero spearheaded a tree planting activity called Planting for the Planet in Panglao, Bohol last November 23. Over a hundred volunteers composed of Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. employees and business partners rolled up their sleeves and planted 200 seedlings in the beautiful island of Panglao. This tree planting activity, which was a meaningful part of the Pioneer Adhesives National Conference, is just one of the many initiatives the foundation has under its environmental campaign “Our Earth Our Responsibility”.

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One thought on “Planting for the planet by Pioneer Adhesives Foundation, Inc

  1. Hello Ms. Lariza
    I like to read your blog about Planting For the Planet. I like to join such king of activity. A wonderful goal to preserve and protect our Mother Nature.

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