Philips expands its diagnostic imaging portfolio with the new Incisive CT platform, integrating innovations in imaging, workflow and lifecycle management

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  • Philips’ Incisive CT helps imaging departments and healthcare organizations achieve their financial, clinical and operational goals


  • With industry-first ‘Tube for Life’ guarantee, Philips will replace the Incisive CT’s X-ray tube at no additional cost throughout the entire life of the system


Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, unveiled Incisive CT to help imaging departments and healthcare organizations meet their most pressing financial, clinical and operational goals. Driven by advances in image quality, radiation dose management and clinical applications, computed tomography (CT) has become one of the cornerstones of imaging and radiology departments.


The newest addition to Philips’ diagnostic imaging portfolio, Incisive CT integrates innovations in imaging, workflow, and lifecycle management, helping healthcare providers to improve the CT experience for patients and staff, enable smart clinical decision-making and increase efficiency. With its industry-first “Tube for Life” guarantee , Philips will replace the Incisive’s X-ray tube – a key component of any CT system – at no additional cost throughout the entire life of the system, potentially lowering operating expenses by an estimated $420,000 . To minimize the cost of obsolescence, the system is available with the Philips Technology Maximizer program, which ensures your CT asset is kept current for five years, by providing the latest available software and hardware updates as they are released.


“Today, a CT system is much more than just an advanced diagnostic tool. It’s a diagnostic imaging cornerstone that provides answers to pressing financial, clinical and operational challenges that today’s healthcare organizations face,” says Ashwin Chari, country manager, Philips Philippines. “Incisive CT combines a unique range of innovations that empower hospitals to deliver on the promise of value-based healthcare,” he added.


Advances in workflow on the scanner and console, as well as the reading room, help improve the patient and staff experience through every step of the scan. The Incisive CT’s 70 kV scan mode allows for improved low-contrast detectability and confidence at low dose for patients, which can help staff feel confident about managing dose without sacrificing image quality. Incisive CT also seamlessly integrates with Philips IntelliSpace Portal to offer post-processing for complex cases, enabling radiologists to access advanced analysis tools all in one comprehensive system.


The Incisive CT also supports a higher level of scanning consistency across the different members of the system’s operating team, with a recent study showing the system reduced examination time by 19%[3]. Incisive CT can be combined with Philips’s DoseWise Portal, a web-based dose monitoring solution that collects, measures, analyzes and reports patient and staff radiation exposure, assisting in control of quality of care, efficiency, and patient and staff safety.


Click here for more information on the Incisive CT.


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