Out of Town: Let’s Discover Paracale’s Gold and More

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For the month of August, I was able to travel two times for my out of town trip.

My 22nd out of town trip was made possible by the Provincial Tourism of Camarines Norte. For four days and three nights, I was able to tour the town of Daet, Paracale, Mercedes, Bagasbas beach, Jose Panganiban, Lobo

On our first day, we visited the museum near the provincial hall that houses what Camarines Norte is all about. What caught my eyes was the glimmering jewelry made of gold. These jewelries were hand made by the local of Paracale.

Paracale in known to be the gold town of Camarines Norte. It was in 1626 when Spaniard discovered a large gold mine in Paracale.  The town’s name was derived from para cale, meaning “canal digger.” Small gold mining operations persist in this old gold mining center and locals still pan for gold.

But Paracale is not just about gold; Paracale is also rich in heritage and culture. As they say, let’s experience Paracale’s gold and experience more.

Here are the best things about the Paracale.

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria

The church was stablished in 1611; it is one of the first churches in Camarines Norte and was built by Franciscan Friars. The church features the canonically miraculous image of Our Lady of Candelaria.

The church was 409 years old; it was able to withstand two world wars and was the refuge of the local during calamities. The patron saint was called “Inay Candi” (Nuestra Señora De Candelaria).

We were allowed not only to visit the oldest bell

But to see Inay Candi as well

Inday Candi lost her finger in one of the battle and even though they tried to replace it; they can seems to attached the fake finger
Inay Candi’s clothes were embellish with gold
Me with “Inay Candi” (Nuestra Señora De Candelaria)

Paliza Del Rio

If you want to see old photos of Paracale during its glorious years, Paliza del Rio holds a collection of photos. You can also see the Paracale town from above their sky deck.

Pulang Daga Beach Resort

A sand that turns red when sun hits would definitely a sight that you should not miss; that’s Pulang Daga Beach Resort. The water is clear and for just P 20.00 pesos entrance fee, you could bring the whole family with you. There are cottage that you can rent and you can bring your food with you to enjoy with eh whole family.

I was particularly happy that we arrived in the afternoon since the sun is not so hot. There are also rooms available if you want to stay overnight.  The water is not cold which makes it more enjoyable. It was getting dark when we decide to go back to the hotel. It took us an hour to go back in Daet.


Before heading back to the hotel at Daet, we were treated with the Paracale’s cuisine. Our dinner was host by Candist’s Kitchen.

They served us original Paracale cuisine like Bicol express which uses ballaw (dried shrimp) instead of bagoong and Tinumok.

It was worth the trip, going to Paracale open my eyes not only on what I heard about them being the gold but also discover that there are really a lot of thing that Paracale can offer to the tourist. We just need to take time and get to know the town a little better and not just focus on what they are known for.

Heritage, beach and cuisine are there for us to enjoy. Just like what I did; it may have been just a day but I believe that I know now things that others don’t



So next time you visit Camarines Norte, be sure to side trip at Paracale and enjoy what the town can offer

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