Oppo Brand Day Exclusive Deal up to 18% off on September 29 at Shopee

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The Ber months or the Brrrr months as others jokingly call it are coming in and the Holidays will start piling up for the months to come, and with Holidays the most famous one when it comes to Filipinos is Christmas. Christmas time is considered one of the most favourite holidays when it comes to the Philippines with preparation and celebration starting as early as September.

While our love for the Christmas season hasn’t changed, the circumstances and situation we are in today has surely affected the way we will be able to celebrate, with malls closed down, restaurants serving limited capacity, and other famous landmarks that are always filled with visitors are closed down. Christmas would not be the same as the past few years we’ve celebrated it and it might continue to do so in the next year as everyone recovers from the effect of the pandemic, the usual Christmas gift shopping that takes the country by storm with malls dropping days of sales to entice people to buy gifts wouldn’t be possible with the situation today.

Christmas gift shopping rush the day before the holiday is no longer possible and so when one wants to buy and prepare a gift for their loved ones, friends, and colleagues they have to be prepared and buy their gifts earlier than they used to before. Online shopping has become a life-saver for most gift-buyers as it becomes easier to search for what kind of gift you want to give to that person, with the click of your fingers you can browse hundreds of selections, Shopee is one such Online Shopping Platform that has grown and shown its reliability to the market.

Oppo, a phone brand that has seen a rise in popularity in the previous years, can now be found on Shopee with their own official shop is offering an exclusive sale that can go up to 18% off in partnership with Shopee, the Oppo A5 would be a perfect gift for anyone this coming holiday.

The Oppo A5, despite being a budget phone boasts specs that would rival any phone in the market. The Oppo A5 boasts a wide screen display, 5000 mAh battery capacity and an internal storage of 128gb, and a competent camera capable of taking photos and videos in hd quality.

The best time to buy the gifts for your loved one is now, take advantage of the coming sale on September 29 and cop the up to 18% discount that Oppo is offering for their phones. Christmas gift shopping can start as early as possible to be fully prepared to share that Christmas spirit Filipinos enjoy with their loved ones.

You can find the official Oppo shop on Shopee by using your internet browsers with this link or you can search them on the official Shopee app which you can download on your phone through Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore, have fun with your Christmas shopping.


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