OMF Literature Featured 3 books from Empowered Women for Women

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We are strong

We are stronger than you think

I am Lariza Garcia, a mother of five kids and has been separated for more than 10 years. I am no different to the other woman outhere, my story is the same as other woman.

I choose to stand on my own two feet and trust the Lord on what ever lies ahead of me or my children.  I believe that with faith and strong will, I had survive the test of life.

Filipinas are now enjoying their empowered status in modern society together with other women worldwide. They can express their individuality and be the best versions of themselves. They inspire others through their sheer strength and self-confidence.


Christian publishing house OMF Literature believes in the important role of women, Filipinas in particular, and are highlighted in the new books for spiritual growth for women from women authors.

Meet the 3 empowered woman: Celebrating Womanhood, Singlehood and Beauty

OMF Literature’s Kasi Hindi Ako Ganun Kaganda by Rigel Fortaleza, Ikaw na ang Maganda Book 3: How to be Fit and Fab by Malu Tiongson Ortiz, and Letters to a Single Woman: Embrace the Life You Have by Karen Huang are geared to empower women and inspire them in their life journey. Fortaleza’s debut book shares how the pages of women’s life struggles turn from issues of beauty and self-esteem to positive self-image. Tiongson-Ortiz offers other ways to make one even more beautiful in her book. Huang, meanwhile, diverts single women to that place of joy, contentment and faith from the frustration of finding Mr. Right.


Women of high school age and up struggle to have that fair complexion, to be sexy, to be fashionable as they are bombarded with cosmetics commercials and due to peer pressure. Fortaleza went through that stage and with her experience backed up by true-to-life stories and well-researched facts and studies, Kasi Hindi Ako Ganun Kaganda guides and inspires readers to overcome the challenge through the love and saving grace of God.


Fortaleza is a youth minister, counselor, and core member of the Lovestruck Movement founded by author and youth pastor Ronald Molmisa. The compact and handy book is written in Taglish and is available at PhP105.


The third book in the best-selling Ikaw Na ang Maganda series adds new beauty tips this time focusing on fitness. If the first book achieves spiritual beauty and the second book enhances it with makeup and dress strategies, Ikaw na ang Maganda Book 3: How to be Fit and Fab improves the physique to achieve beauty. Tiongson-Ortiz shares how having a toned body through healthy recipes and a physical fitness program effortlessly gives that confidence and joyful aura. The book guides readers on where to source expense-free exercise tips that can be done at home and making workouts a habit and lifestyle. The book also adds Jesus and prayer to the equation as insurance to beauty that fades, bodies that deteriorate, heartbreaks and insecurity.


Tiongson-Ortiz is a mother of three, a board member of the God is Able

International Foundation and a former vice president of the Down Syndrome

Association of the Philippines. The 148-page book for women 14 and up is available at PhP105.


Letters to a Single Woman: Embrace the Life You Have inspires single women to look to the future with hope and believe in one’s self through letters about longings, learnings, strength, joy, femininity and other matters that make up life from single women in midlife and beyond. Huang herself overcame dreams of love, marriage and children of her own by finding in her Safe Place lasting joy, contentment and faith that silenced her fears. Huang and her book provides companionship to refresh and strengthen the spirits not just of single women but everyone who’s tired of all the struggles and strivings.


Huang has been a book editor for many years and has developed books in both educational and Christian publishing. She is also a writer whose work has appeared in devotional books, women’s magazines, Christian educational material, and inspirational books for women. Letters to a Single Woman: Embrace the Life You Have is available at PhP275.


The three new titles from OMF Literature are available at OMF Lit Bookshop, Passages, National Book Store, Philippine Christian Book Store and other leading bookstores nationwide. The book can also be ordered online through


Get a copy of their book and be inspired

Live the life we want and not the life they choose for us


Thank you and till next time




Lariza Garcia


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