Novelina Titanium Hair Iron : Top Six Why It’s a Must Have

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My biggest problem of having four girls is their hair. Yes, I have four girls who has long hairs which would cost me a hole in my pocket every time I need to send them to a salon for hair makeover for special occasions and performances.

I had to learn how to fix their hairs myself for me to be able to save some bucks which could be used in other expenses. I have to find ways to make sure that their crown and glory is style in a way that is presentable and beautiful. Just imagine me , a self-taught hair stylish during those days. But as they grew; they have to fix their hair on their own and on the way,  they want it. Sometimes, they want it straight ; sometimes they want it curly.

It was actually eight years ago when my daughter discovers the hair iron. It was a big help for them and for me as well because it saves us time and money going to the salon.

Now, I have a new Titanium Hair Iron by Novelina


Important Facts about Novelina Titanium Hair Iron

  • Novelina uses the highest quality Nano Titanium plates. Eliminates static and frizz so you get shinier, smoother, healthier hair.
  • A unique polishing process using its highly charged Nano Titanium plates provide healthier hair without pulling or breakage.
  • Exclusive infrared heat technology seals in moisture to give you extra shine and luster.
  • Unique heat optimization technology protects hair from high heat damage.
  • Ergonomic design, easy to use with tangle-free 3600 swivel cord.
  • Ultra-lightweight body made of high-strength, aerospace-grade composite.
  • Ultra-hard, mirror smooth Titanium plate surfaces.
  • Negative ions and infrared heat removes static, for silky shiny hair.
  • Ion field technology seals in natural oils.
  • Micro-porous technology locks in moisture.
  • Unparalleled infrared heat for deep, long lasting straightness.
  • Fully adjustable temperature control with display delivers the best look while protecting your hair from excessive heat damage.
  • Designed to reach designated temperature setting rapidly.





My 6 observations about the Novelina Titanium Hair Iron 

  1. Since the product is Japan made, I believe that that quality would be remarkable, and it would last years. It is made from the best material and latest technology
  2. With the Titanium plate , I was able to have a straight silky shiny hair not to mention soft as well.
  3. I manage to hold it comfortable since its light weight and there is no pressure needed when ironing my hair.
  4. I could easily adjust the temperature to my preferred heat
  5. I was happy that I don’t need any adaptor like the other items that are imported
  6. Novelina could be used as a straightener or a curler with its rounded edge


  • It’s best that you section your hair for better result
  • The Novelina Titanium Iron has a 6 months warranty. Replaceble if found factory defect ( for evaluation).
  • Free service after that six months . Service Center is located at  3rd floor Tritan Plaza Bldg., Paseo De Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati City.
  • Novelina Titanium Hair Iron is available at Cash and Carry, Makati

Incase of With Novelina Titanium Hair Iron, my girls and I don’t need to spend so much time arranging or fixing our hair

Just like what the tagline says “ A novel product to recreate your hair” or mine for that matter. 

There are just some things that worth investing and Novelina Titanium Hair Iron is one of them. 

SRP is around 3,250.00 and you I can say that its worth your money since it saves time and effort which I don’t have to spare. Watch out for Novelina Sale, price goes down at 1,999.00 ( a good deal)


For more details you can check out their Facebook page




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